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Which Parrots Make The Best Pets

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
Which Parrots Make The Best Pets

There are around 372 species of parrots in 86 genera, and are most commonly found in subtropical and tropical regions of the earth. They are beautiful to look at,which is the reason why they are the most popular birds to be kept by humans as pets. They have a lifespan of 50 to 95 years, which means that if you bring one home, you can have a lifetime companion to be with. But how do you know which species you should go for? We have already told you which rabbits make the best pets. Today at, we will tell you which parrots make the best pets.

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  1. Parakeet
  2. Pionus
  3. Meyer’s Parrot
  4. Macaw
  5. Cockatiel


Weighing around 30 gms, these parrots are tiny in size, and do not need a large cage to be kept in, which is why the parakeet one of the parrots that make the best pets. The most interesting thing about these birds is that they have the record of having largest recorded vocabulary. You can train them to talk and do tricks, which means that they can be a great fun to your family. Also, you need to teach them not to escape.

Which Parrots Make The Best Pets - Parakeet


People don’t like keeping Pionus as pets very often, may be because they are not bright in colors, and don’t talk much too. But this is a misconception. These parrots have incredible personality features that make them nice pets for your family. They are gentle and quiet, and don’t need much attention from your side. While most other parrots need to be taken out of the cage from time to time, and require regular interaction, Pionus are happy sitting on top of their cage, and observe their surroundings.

Which Parrots Make The Best Pets - Pionus

Meyer’s Parrot

These African hookbills are quieter, as compared to other species of parrots. Due to this, they tend to be a better choice for you if you are living in apartments, or if you don’t want to encounter incessant, loud screeching sounds. These birds can be affectionate, entertaining and acrobatic. They have small beaks, due to which you don’t need to worry about being bitten. These parrots have a steady and calm nature, and can maintain good relationships with all your family members. They are unique and fresh, and sweet but not shy. They like people, even your guests and other strangers.

Which Parrots Make The Best Pets - Meyer’s Parrot


These parrots are not loud, which means that they will not disturb your neighbors. They are not known to bite, and do not poop all over to make a mess in the house. Their hormonal phases are easy to manage too, and can be handled without much attention and care. They are cuddly, and will be happy in their cage even without any toys.

Which Parrots Make The Best Pets - Macaw


Cockatiels are smart, delightful and sweet, and are less spastic and hyper than other species of parrots. Their hormones are easy to manage, and they don’t go crazy during breeding times, like most other parrots do. They like to be with people, but are not very needy. Because they are small in size, they don’t need a large cage, and they are pretty quiet as well. Their voice is cute, they are friendly, and can learn to whistle as well. They live for long, and can be great pets if you give them proper care, attention, training and love.

Which Parrots Make The Best Pets - Cockatiel

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Which Parrots Make The Best Pets