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How To Choose The Right Bird Cage

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Choose The Right Bird Cage

Birds make great pets, especially if you lack space in your home for larger pets such as a dog. There are a wide variety of birds to choose from, from small finches to large parrots. No matter which bird you choose, it's important you provide the right habitat for your particular bird with a suitable sized cage, if you want to make sure your bird does not escape. Keep reading this OneHowTo article to find the perfect cage for your bird: How to choose the right bird cage.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you must consider when choosing the right cage for your bird is the size.


The cage must be wide enough to allow the animal to spread its wings and fly, without its feathers touching the bars.

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Whilst most birds must have enough space to fly, parrots need medium and large space that allow them enough space to climb and exercise inside the cage. Long-tailed birds must also have enough room to avoid damaging their feathers.

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Also, take into account all the other materials that your bird will have to share space with, e.g. feeding bowls, bards, water dish, toys .... You might even decide to buy another bird to keep your existing pet company, in future. Birds like Love birds need to be in company of the opposite sex in order to be happy.

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The distance between the bars should be wide enough to prevent your bird's beak or legs from becoming stuck in between them. However, make sure they are large enough for them to fit its head through.


With regards to the style of cage, this will depend on your personal choice, providing that it also provides your pet with all the necessary requirements as well. Perches are great for pet birds to fly on and entertain themselves as they don't like being on the floor. If your bird especially likes flying, we recommend a Dometop cage, which has a curved roof.


When you have chosen the perfect cage for your bird, make sure you keep it clean and hygienic, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria which can make your bird very ill. For more advice on this, take a look at our article on how to clean a bird cage.

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  • Choose the right cage for your bird so it is able to move freely.
  • It is sometimes better to invest more money in a cage that already comes with litter trays and seed guards as these are things you won't have to worry about in the future.
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How To Choose The Right Bird Cage