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How to Stop Your Parrot from Biting

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stop Your Parrot from Biting

We love our pets, but to fully enjoy their love and company, we must take care of our pets and treat them well. However, there are often situations where we do not know how to control our animal friends and so, we must turn to an expert for help. For example, when our friendly parrot behaves badly and bites someone. What can we do? Do not worry, because we explain on OneHowTo how to stop your parrot from biting people.

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Steps to follow:


Educating an animal is not an easy task, as it requires patience, perseverance and discipline. In this case, to stop your parrot from biting, you must earn the animal's trust first. And how do you do this? Basically, in the daily care we provide our parrot. That is, when we feed the bird every day, when we clean its cage, when we offer it a toy, when we talk to the animal. Thus, the animal understands that you are part of the flock and the parrot's well-being depends on you, therefore, the parrot learns to respect you.


Another important detail to keep in mind is that parrots are wild animals and they can react aggressively to certain stimuli in the environment that they are not able to understand or control. In other words, parrots bite when they threatened and when they are scared because they are not able to understand what is happening around them or because they are not yet familiar with their surroundings. It also happens in the breeding season when hormonal activity is happening, which is usually in spring and autumn.

How to Stop Your Parrot from Biting - Step 2

To stop the parrot from biting, you can create a set of guidelines that will help correct this undesirable behavior. In this regard, experts recommend us to use gentle movements and to slowly approach the pet parrot. The first contacts are very important to ensure that begin trust is built up. As we mentioned before, we must gain their trust and try to create an environment in which the pet feels comfortable and relaxed.


Another good idea to control an aggressive parrot is to encourage good behavior with a treat. But you must also remember that parrots bite more when they are near their territory, i.e. inside their cage. So do not forget to bring the parrot away from this environment so it does not seem so aggressive.

How to Stop Your Parrot from Biting - Step 4

Other times, however, despite all our efforts and attempts, we are not able to get the parrot to stop biting. Do not worry because there may be other causes that veterinarians can easily pick out. For example, perhaps the animal is stressed because the cage is very small or the parrot is experiencing physical discomfort which we are not able to perceive. In these cases, if the behavior is becoming ever more aggressive and disturbing, it is best to consult an expert.

We invite you to participate with your own advice. Do you know how to stop a parrot from biting?

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Dale Dutt
I got an older blue fronted parrot he is 5 yrs old. He bits all the time now .after two weeks of hand feeding and coming to my hand letting me walk with him in the house. Then without any warning he will get on my hand and then starts biting and screaming. I had to put on gloves to put him into the cage, This has happened three times not sure what is going on he is drawing blood. Any ideas?
prevent biting
Item 4- Reward the parrot with a treat ? Are you mad? The bloody bird brain will think it's being praised for unacceptable behavior and you're condoning it !
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Pete,

Sorry if the article wasn't clear, but we do say to reward 'good behavior' with a treat, not 'any' behavior. It can be a tough and arduous process stopping your parrot from biting, but the good work your pet is doing does need to be rewarded.
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How to Stop Your Parrot from Biting