What Rabbits Make the Best Pets

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Rabbits Make the Best Pets

Rabbits are very friendly animals that can be the ideal pet to take care of and enjoy their company. If you're thinking about buying a pet rabbit, you should ask yourself some questions first so that you can choose a suitable breed that is easy to care for and has no problems with behavior. In this OneHowTo article we help you understand which rabbit breeds make the best pets.

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Steps to follow:


Prior to choosing a pet rabbit you should know that there are many breeds of rabbits. There are breeds which are more calm, nervous, affectionate, self-sufficient, temperamental, etc. so you should consult an expert to pick the right breed of rabbit for you and your family.

What Rabbits Make the Best Pets - Step 1

Size is another factor to consider when purchasing a pet rabbit. According to the space you have available in your home you are better able to determine whether you should get a smaller or larger breed. You should also know exactly where your rabbit will live, whether in a cage indoors, in the garden or on the balcony, since, for example, large rabbits may be loose, because they are not as vulnerable as the small ones.


Should you choose a male or female rabbit? This is a very common question when choosing a pet rabbit. The reality is that when they are young, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether it is a male or female rabbit since the differences are very slight. As they grow, the differences are more obvious.


As a result, all you really have to consider is that you don't need to sterilise male rabbits, although all the mature rabbits who have this operation tend to be more calm and loving. But if you want to stop your pet rabbit from breeding, it is always best to spay the females because they are more prone to diseases and developing destructive behaviors.


The time you have available to care for your rabbit is something you should also keep in mind if you want to buy one as a pet. There are certain breeds such as English Angora rabbit that have a lot of hair that requires constant care, needs regular brushing and a haircut in the summer for the heat.


Finally, if we want a strong and healthy pet we need to check some details of the appearance of a rabbit before choosing a pet.

  • Check that the rabbit is neither too fat nor thin, that parts of its body are not swollen and that it isn't injured.
  • The rabbit's fur should be uniform, there should be no bare spots or patches on the skin.
  • The ears of the animal should be pink and not damaged.
  • The rabbit's eyes should be bright without crusts.
  • Also check that the teeth are clean and properly aligned.

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What Rabbits Make the Best Pets