What Should a Chihuahua Dog Eat

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Should a Chihuahua Dog Eat

In this article we are going to explain what should be eaten by a very specific breed of dog with very special needs because of its small size: the Chihuahua. This is a dog which requires a small quantity of food, and in addition, the type of food which it eats should also be controlled. They are animals that, because of their size, have a very high baseline metabolism, and so a high nutritional content is required to keep the Chihuahua in perfect health. That is why, at OneHowTo we help you understand what a Chihuahua dog should eat.

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  1. Things to be taken into account when feeding your Chihuahua
  2. Advice to feed your Chihuahua puppy
  3. Advice to feed your adult Chihuahua
  4. What NOT to feed a Chihuahua

Things to be taken into account when feeding your Chihuahua

The diet of a Chihuahua dog requires specific features due to their small size and metabolism, however we will always feed our pet on the basis of its age.

During the first year of life your Chihuahua it still a puppy and so it is vital to choose its food correctly as it is very important for its development, health and future growth.

The feed given to your small friend must be balanced and specifically designed to meet their needs. Well-designed food for your puppy's size will keep it healthy.

The diet of a Chihuahua should be based on carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and healthy fats. We must bear in mind that Chihuahuas have a very small jaw, and food should be adapted to its bite size to not create injury or damage.

Let us not forget, either, the risk that these breeds have of suffering hypoglycaemia (low level of sugar in blood), this will need to be taken into account when feeding your dog.

Advice to feed your Chihuahua puppy

If you still have doubts about what a chihuahua dog should eat, you can start to give the puppy dry foods at around 22 days of life, it is also good to combine it with lactation milk so your dog gets used to the taste and texture of the dry food.

Feed to your Chihuahua dog four small rations or helpings every day, at least for the first 3 - 4 months of life. Remember that its stomach is very small and soon fills, so it is better than their food is distributed well.

Do not leave the dry food out to have your dog eat when it pleases, and do not spoil it from a young age with your left overs, these dogs are special and meticulous and will not eat anything.

There are special feeds for Chihuahuas for up to 8 months of age and of various brands. This is very appropriate because:

  • It cares for its teeth, cleaning plaque.
  • It has an exquisite taste.
  • It adjusts with their small and fragile jaw.
  • Helps develop a strong immune system.
  • Improves digestions.

A puppy up to 7 months old can eat 35 grams to 110 grams per day, but this will vary according to its weight. A dog of 2 months that weighs 2 kilos will eat around 55 g of feed.

Advice to feed your adult Chihuahua

From 8 months on we can consider the Chihuahua an adult. It is a good moment to change its feed to that appropriate for its age. Within the range of different foods, there are also special lines developed for adults.

Here the dietary needs when feeding a Chihuahua focus on strengthening their muscle structure. And here it will start eating a greater amount of food, from that moment the rations can be three per day, and the quantities can fluctuate between 40 and 95 grams per day.

Do not select low fat foods unless it is overweight as they need a lot of energy and and burn calories very easily.

What Should a Chihuahua Dog Eat - Advice to feed your adult Chihuahua

What NOT to feed a Chihuahua

When looking for the right kind of food to feed your dog you should carefully read all the ingredients in search for some which are not good for your Chihuahua such as corn or wheat gluten, sugar, animal fat and food dyes.

Take a look at the list of toxic foods for dogs to know what other ingredients any breed of dog should never eat.

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  • Monitor the feeding of your Chihuahua constantly, and above all, ensure it does not snack on food that is not its own.
  • If overweight, go immediately to your veterinary to adjust its food, otherwise it may suffer from joint problems.
  • Do not feed your Chihuahua human food under any circumstances.
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What Should a Chihuahua Dog Eat