How much should a Chihuahua weigh

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How much should a Chihuahua weigh

Chihuahuas are a very popular breed of dog and hold the title of world's smallest breed. These are animals, that despite their small measurements are brave and fearless,can be somewhat jealous and protective of their owners. Although they are great company we must not forget that, because of their size and fragility, they deserve special care. Keeping these dogs at the right weight is very important for the health of their bones, so in we answer your question: how much should a Chihuahua weigh?

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Steps to follow:


In general, it is important that any pet stays in their own ideal weight, thus guaranteeing maximum health and well-being. However, in the case of Chihuahuas, this becomes very important because this pet has very fragile bones. If the dog is obese it will have an increased risk of injury or fracture in its many jumps or runs.


If you wonder how much a Chihuahua should weigh, the answer is that the weight of the pet should be between 1.5 kilos and 2.7 kilos (which is the equivalent of 2lb 5 oz and 4lb 9 oz) , trying as much as possible never to exceed 3 kilos (7 lb). This would be equivalent to 3 to 6 pounds, never exceeding 7 pounds.


To achieve this it will be very important to pay maximum attention to its diet and guarantee a good nutritional intake without exceeding portions or treats. So in our article on how much should a Chihuahua eat we give you all the necessary information so you know how to feed your dog adequately for good health.

The most important thing your should take into account is that they should not have more than 55 grams (2oz) of dried food per day and that they should eat special dog food that these little dogs can chew on without harming their denture.


Remember it is also important to go to the veterinary appointments provided by the doctor, this way you can ensure that your Chihuahua has the correct weight and that his health is in perfect condition. For more information, take a look at our article: How big does a Chihuahua get?

Remember Chihuahuas are prone to several conditions such as Patellar Luxation, Hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea and hydrocephalus; so make sure you keep your beloved pet healthy at all times.

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  • Also remember to give your Chihuahua plenty of exercise so he keeps in good shape. 20 - 30 minutes a day is enough for your pet to get the exercise it needs.
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How much should a Chihuahua weigh