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How to Care for a Bull Terrier

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for a Bull Terrier

Do you have a pet bull terrier? Well, if it is the first time that you're sharing your life with this breed of dog, it is worth understanding what it's like and what care it needs. The bull terrier has a commanding presence and is of medium height with a large head and muscular body. To keep your canine friend in perfect condition you should consider certain guidelines that we'll give you so you can give them the attention they deserve. At oneHOWTO we'll explain how to look after a bull terrier.

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Steps to follow:


Feeding a bull terrier. We'll start with feeding your bull terrier. Although there is lots of variety to choose from, the most important thing is to for the food to be healthy and balanced. The easiest way to feed your dog is with good quality dry food. Optimum nutrition is vital for the growth and appearance of your bull terrier.

This breed of dog is very greedy and you should efficiently control their food intake because if you leave food in sight, they will eat without stopping. If you do not monitor their diet and let them eat what they want, they'll gain weight quite easily.

To calculate the amounts we invite you to consult our article on how much food to feed your dog.

How to Care for a Bull Terrier - Step 1

Feeding a bull terrier puppy. To feed a bull terrier and in general for any dog, you should always consider what stage they are in. If it is a puppy it should be fed by their mother for six weeks, although you can gradually introduce solid food from one month old. Once it has been weaned you need to buy quality food, especially suitable for puppies, and feed it 3 times a day.


When it is an adult and has stopped growing your bull terrier's diet should change. The best thing to do is to choose a suitable feed depending on your dog's activity. At this stage they should be fed twice a day, morning and night, or even just once a day.

When your bull terrier is old you will have to change their diet as their metabolism slows down and they don't burn fat like they did before. At this time their diet should be tailored to their health or activity. For example, if they have high cholesterol you should buy feed that is low in fat and salt. At this stage it is sufficient to feed them once a day.


Extra nutrition. In addition to a balanced diet, they need to always have clean and abundant water available. You should change their water daily and clean the bowl. Your dog needs to be well hydrated so their body runs smoothly.

If your bull terrier has problems, like a lack of calcium, you could give them some plain yogurt mixed with their food or give them a calcium supplement recommended by a veterinarian. For dessert you could give them a carrot which is very good for their fur and which they can play with to test their teeth.


Cleaning a bull terrier's fur. Regarding their hygiene, bull terriers shed their coat twice a year. It is a good idea to brush them often to remove loose or dead hair, although as they have short hair the best way to practice brushing is to use a rubber glove.

Regarding their bathing routine, from being a puppy once 10 days have passed after their shots, try to get them used to having a bath once a month. This should be enough unless they get dirty often. Before bathing them you should brush their hair then wet, lather and rinse them. Dry their whole body with a towel and if they are not afraid, use a hair dryer.


Clean their ears. It is important to monitor how clean the ears of your bull terrier are. You can use an ear cleaner that is suitable for the task and use it once a week to prevent mites. We also recommend that you look after their nails. If you see that they aren't being worn away by their walks and with their usual routine, you could choose to file or cut them with care. There are special nail cutters for dogs, designed to give them a manicure.


Exercise for a pit bull terrier. Last but not least you should set an exercise routine for your bull terrier. This breed of dog has lots of energy and needs enough physical activity to stay fit. It is recommended that you take them for a walk several times a day for at least one hour each day so they can play and run. It is a very muscular dog and exercise will keep them in shape as well as getting them to relax and become tired for when they return home.

It's also important for you to tell the difference between an American Pit bull Terrier and a Staffordshire terrier, as they have different necessities.

You can also take a look at our article on the different breeds of terriers for more information.

How to Care for a Bull Terrier - Step 7

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Good morning I have a 6 month old English bull terrier need advice on how many times I must feed him a day and is very stubborn struggle with his jumping on people and he eats the other dogs food and walking and chasing his tail I am trying to house train him also have 2 jack russel female that over 2 years one off the females does not get along with the male puppy bull terrier I have need advice.
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Hi Jaco,

Is he neutered?
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How to Care for a Bull Terrier