How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 26, 2017
How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick

Although parrots are very resistant animals they can suffer from various diseases. In many cases, as with most birds, it is very difficult for the parrot's owner to detect the symptoms that indicate that the bird is suffering from a disease; For this reason OneHowTo are going to explain how to tell if your parrot is sick.

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Steps to follow:

General Appearance: A healthy parrot should not have ruffled feathers or be constantly burying its head under its wing. These two positions can be caused by hypothermia or by an infectious disease.

Moreover, if the tail moves more than normal when the parrot breathes, this means the bird is making a significant effort to breathe and can be a symptom of multiple respiratory diseases.


Parrots have an orifice that is used to eliminate feces and urine (as well as sperm in males and eggs in females). To tell if your parrot is sick, you should know that the feathers around it should be dry and free of excrement, otherwise, the parrot may be suffering from diarrhea.


Healthy parrots feces are consistent and solid. Liquid feces often suggests diarrhea.

If the feces consistency is normal but accompanied by lots of water, this may indicate polyuria, i.e., an increase in urination, which could be related to kidney failure.


It is recommended that you regularly check your parrot's beak and feet for scabs, usually caused by vermin.

When you examine its feet, also check its joints as swollen joints can be caused by gout.

When inspecting the beak, you must also pay attention to the nostrils (Openings where the parrot breathes) to see if there are any traces of mucus which could be a sign of respiratory problems. In doing so, we should not only focus on the nostrils but also on the feathers around them, because sometimes the nostrils seem clean but there is mucus on the neighboring feathers.

How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick - Step 4

To know if your parrot is sick you should look for an excessive loss of feathers can be caused by vitamin deficiency so you should review what the parrot is eating. A loss of feathers only in certain areas may be caused by a fungus or mites.

How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick - Step 5

One of the first symptoms of any disease is a lack of appetite, and you'll notice a decrease in the amount of food that the parrot is eating.

How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick - Step 6

If you've noticed any of these symptoms, we recommend that you go to a vet, preferably to a specialist in exotic animals, as they will be able to accurately diagnose the problem.

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How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick
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How To Tell If Your Parrot is Sick

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