How to care for a dwarf rabbit

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to care for a dwarf rabbit
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Dwarf rabbits, just like Toy or MiniToy rabbits are small, but unlike the latter, dwarf rabbits grow a little more. Such rabbits have become a popular pet because if they are well trained they can be let loose around the house. One reason for choosing these animals as pets is that they do not need as much attention as a cat or a dog besides being smaller. But you must not forget they are living beings, and therefore, on OneHowTo we will show you how to care for a dwarf rabbit.

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Steps to follow:


Although they need less care than a dog or cat, we must not forget for a second that dwarf rabbits are living beings and therefore require some care and affection. If you've chosen one as pet it is because you want to train it, love it and be with it. They may require less attention, but you must not forget about them.


You don't need to wash the dwarf rabbit. They clean themselves. However, if the hair, or bum area becomes dirty, you can use special wipes for animals and wipe the soiled area. It is also advisable to clean it with a cloth moistened with warm water.


You need to brush its hair to avoid it from having hairballs in its digestive tract. Being a short hair rabbit, you need not do it very often during moulting should be enough (spring and autumn).


Although they are very clean animals, you must take extra care with the cleanliness of their cages to ensure they are always clean and dry as a very dirty cage can make them sick.


Do not cut their hair under any circumstances. Their fur protects them from external aggressions and from the cold.


Food must be based on natural products such as alfalfa, some vegetables and carrots. Also specially prepared rabbit food and hay. Learn how to feed your rabbit for more detailed information.


Make sure it always has clean fresh water.


Always keep the food bowl and bottle clean.


Get a cage that is the right size for your rabbit, but particularly take into consideration their size when they reach adulthood. Thus the rabbit can move freely. Remember to let it out of its cage for at least half an hour a day. The cage should be well lit and ventilated.


Dwarf rabbits stand up well to cold, but you need to be careful with the heat. Do not ever leave it in the sun as it could become dehydrated and overheated. Instead, always keep it in shade where it can find shelter.


If you see their nails and teeth grow too much, see your vet to have them cut, as it might hurt them. Find out how to understand my rabbit and how to train my rabbit for more.

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Image: conejoenano.net
How to care for a dwarf rabbit