How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: February 15, 2017
How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly

Small, adorable and funny, it's hard not to succumb to the charms of a pretty little rabbit, and increasingly common companion choice. However, as you know, adopting an animal carries a number of responsibilities. These include care and hygiene, a very important aspect to keep in mind if you've decided to adopt this pet.

oneHOWTO provides a handful of useful tips on how to clean a rabbit cage in order to ensure that your pet is happy in a neat and suitable environment.

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Steps to follow:


Their cages are their little palaces, the proper cleaning of which should be carried out regularly. Thus, in addition to avoiding unpleasant odors - of course, it is inside these cages that they defecate - this also prevents the appearance of of bacteria that may affect the animal's health. Therefore, it is important to establish a cleaning routine, as important as cleaning and showing your pet care and attention.

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly - Step 1

Though it might seems like a difficult task, it is, in fact, an easy task to undertake. A rabbit cage should be cleaned once a week, although doing so more often is better.

The first thing to do is to take out all organic material, including food that's been left uneaten or that's old. Next clean all the containers, such as its food bowl, water bottle. Then dry well and replace with fresh food and clean water. Then remove all the hay or sand and clean it well. Faeces and urine are the main elements that cause bad smell; therefore, it is essential that you clean the section where the hay is placed in the cage very well.


Special cleaning white vinegar is best to clean a rabbit cage. In addition to being cheap, it is simple to use and it is excellent for eliminating odors. If you'd rather use a commercial product, remember never to use disinfecting products that are used for household cleaning because they can detrimentally affect the health of your pet. Go to a pet shop to find a product that's designed for cleaning rabbit cages, so you can do so safely and properly.

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly - Step 3

It is recommended that you choose a good cage for the little one. Wooden cages are not suitable as this material absorbs and retains urine; therefore, the smell becomes impregnated and is very difficult to remove. The best cages, based on ease of cleaning, are ones made of metal.

If you cannot clean it daily, remember to at least take look at it and remove anything that might create bad odor and jeopardize the health of your animal. A clean cage will prevent worse problems such as causing infection for your pet.

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly - Step 4

It is also important to remember that the cleanliness of the animal itself will directly impact on how clean the cage is and on its health So remember that, during the rabbit's molting phase, its coat should be brushed daily to remove shedding hair and thus prevent the rabbit from eating it and forming a ball in its stomach. Rabbits wash themselves, but you can try dry cleaning if you notice it is particularly dirty. This simple measure will prevent discomfort and health problems in your pet, so we strongly suggest putting it into practice. For more information, take a look at how to look after a pet rabbit.

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly - Step 5

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How to Clean a Rabbit Cage Properly