How to Care for my Pregnant Rabbit - Complete Guide

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for my Pregnant Rabbit - Complete Guide
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If your female rabbit has become pregnant, then you'll probably be worrying about how to look after and care for her from now on and until she gives birth. Though rabbits are house pets that require less care than others, they still need your attention and even more so if they are expecting. Take a look at this complete guide if you are wondering how to care for your pet rabbit.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is how long a rabbit pregnancy lasts to calculate the due date as accurately as possible. In general, it usually lasts around 31 days from the fertilization date but, if you don't know the exact day when this happened, you should touch your rabbit's stomach area to feel the rabbit babies. When you touch and feel some small lumps, you'll be able to tell your rabbit is pregnant.


To care for your pregnant rabbit, you'll have to forget about rationing your rabbit's feed during the whole pregnancy period and make sure you give your rabbit as much food as she desires. Remember that she now has to eat for not just herself, but all of her babies, and therefore requires more nutrients.

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The same goes for water. It's important that your rabbit is properly hydrated, especially if her pregnancy is during warm months, as her hormones will be in constant change and she'll need a higher amount of liquid. It's important to keep on with this diet until your rabbit has stopped breastfeeding, only then should you start rationing her food again. If your rabbit doesn't take enough liquid once she has given birth, she may even eat her own kin.


Female rabbits prepare their nest to give birth and they usually do so with basically any material they can find, may it be hay, their own fur, leaves and even some of our old clothing. This is why it's important to give them the material they need to create their nest, such as hay, sawdust, hemp, etc. If you don't have a cage for our rabbit, provide her with a space such as a box so she can make her nest.

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To care or your pregnant rabbit, it's important to take her out of her cage for a while every single day so she can get some exercise and avoid stress. Not everyone has the ideal conditions at home for a big cage or a space in which a rabbit can run freely, this is why you should spend some time each day to let her free and move as she desires.


You must care for your pregnant rabbit delicately and, when possible, avoid picking her up so she doesn't feel nervous or stressed. It's very important to avoid any situation in which she might feel anxious or scared as this could cause abortion. You should not alter her daily routine but it's not advisable to smother her either.


it's always advisable to take your pet rabbit to the vet so that he or she can follow her pregnancy and you can make sure everything is going as expected. When the baby rabbits are born, you'll have to be careful and avoid them leaving their nest as they need the warmth of their mother to survive.

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Image: pixabay.com
Image: pixabay.com
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How to Care for my Pregnant Rabbit - Complete Guide