What is a Dwarf Rabbit

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is a Dwarf Rabbit

Since long ago rabbits have become a new house pet. It's important to know how to choose a bunny as a pet because we'll find good companions in bunnies if we take care of its upbringing, health and affection. There are many kinds of bunnies, some grow more than others, their hair can be very different too. But if you're looking for a small animal you'll like to know some bunnies don't grow. They're called Dwarf Rabbits. From we want to explain what a Dwarf Rabbit is.

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Characteristics of Dwarf Rabbits

  • The Dwarf Eabbin can also be known as Toy Rabbit, as it doesn't grow much.
  • The weight of an adult Dwarf Rabbit is between 1 kg (2lb 13oz) and 1.300 kg (2lb 14oz).
  • It has short and rounded ears as well as a small nose. Its skeleton is rounded.
  • It can live between 8 and 10 years.
  • It is the most active rabbit according to its breed. To define its character we have to take into account its ability, care, education and environment.
  • Dwarf Rabbits have a great variety of colors.
  • The required care is much the same as any other pet rabbit.

The Netherland Dwarf

Within the dwarf breed, we can find a genetic upgrade which is called the Netherland Dwarf. After years, science has selected the smallest bunnies and made their phenotypical characteristics better until it created this bunny.

Its life expectancy is also between 8 & 10 years, although its weight is inferior to the common Dwarf rabbit, from 800 grams (1lb 12 oz) to a little more than 1 kilo (2lb 13oz). Its features are very similar,as they both have a small nose, shorter ears than the Dwarf Rabbit but with the same shape, and a rounded skeleton.

What is a Dwarf Rabbit - The Netherland Dwarf

Love your bunny

Above all, if you want your bunny to be your partner, you need to spend a lot of time, care, patience and make it realize you want to be its friend too. Bear in mind, it needs some time outside its cage to be able to spend time with you, running, jumping and exercising daily.

It's not recommendable for a domestic bunny to spend the entire day in a cage, as rabbits need to run and enjoy open spaces. So your rabbit is truly happy, he'll need to take advantage of open spaces at least once a day, receiving a good education and feeling loved.

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What is a Dwarf Rabbit
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What is a Dwarf Rabbit

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