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Why Doesn’t my Cat Purr anymore?

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Doesn’t my Cat Purr anymore?

When a little ball of fur climbs up to your lap, curls itself asking for some attention and your mind fills up with joy, then you know you are the ultimate cat lover. A cat purring away contently in the lap is every cat lover’s ultimate bliss. Even though cats' behavior is extremely unpredictable, the purr shows how contended our furry friend is, among other reasons why cats purr. But most people don’t know that sometimes cat may stop purring and when this happens the owner usually freaks out. If you want to know the reason behind the lack of purrs then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out the answer to your question: why doesn’t my cat purr anymore?

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Different types of Purr

For most people a purring cat seems carefree and contended. But that is not always the case. Different purrs can signify different feelings of the cat.

  • The contended purr: A cat sitting on a lap with eyes closed purring away to its heart’s content. As everyone knows that is the contended purr.
  • Affectionate purr: If your cat suddenly approaches you and nuzzles, nibbles or rolls over you while purring then it’s a sign of affection.
  • Passive Purr: When a cat goes through a serious accident, injury or trauma then it purrs to signify passiveness. Usually it tries to say: please don’t hurt me anymore.
Why Doesn’t my Cat Purr anymore? - Different types of Purr

Why might a cat not purr?

The lack of the affectionate purr of your feline pet can be a result of one of the following causes:


If the cat has stopped purring and is not willing to eat then it might be suffering from this aliment. Due to laryngitis, swallowing food and making sounds like purring becomes quite difficult. It is best to take vet’s opinion to confirm whether your cat is suffering from laryngitis or not.


A cat often stops purring when it is nervous. A cat is nervous when they are introduced to new environment. Sometimes when a foreign object such as new piece of furniture or other pet is brought into their old environment then a cat may become nervous and stops purring.


Some cats are purring machine when they are kittens. But as they grow older their purring starts decreasing and sometimes even stops. This is just a natural thing for some cats.


Sometimes cats stop purring when they are injured. If you can’t find any signs of injury on your cat then visit the vet to ascertain the fact.


A scared cat becomes stiff and starts shaking. It can sometimes run away from its owners when they are scared. Also a scared cat stops purring. If your cat is scared due to some reason then try approaching him/ her carefully and give it treats and toys. Cuddle it as much as you can and then it will soon be back to its own purring self.

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Whining meows are usually because they want something and, likely, want it badly. Whatever it is, try to see why they want your attention. Often it is for food, but it could be a number of things.
why a cat never purrs??
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Why Doesn’t my Cat Purr anymore?