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How to Eliminate Annoying Cat Hair With a Cat Air Purifier

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. June 10, 2024
How to Eliminate Annoying Cat Hair With a Cat Air Purifier

The removal and elimination of cat hair can be one of the most frustrating home cleaning chores. Especially if they are a longhaired cat, our beloved feline produces dead hair constantly. This is exacerbated during shedding season and some individual cats shed more than others. Once we have swept the floors, changed the sheets and run a lint roller over the entire couch, you will see our cat has magically produced a new batch for us to clean. Even when the cat hair is collected, this doesn’t mean there won’t be a feline smell left behind to also deal with. Fortunately, oneHOWTO knows a way to get rid of both at the same time. Discover how to eliminate annoying cat hair and bad odor with a cat air purifier.

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  1. Why do cats shed?
  2. Why do cats smell?
  3. How to eliminate cat hair and bad odor at the same time
  4. How do cat air purifiers help cats and owners?

Why do cats shed?

Our domestic felines are derived from wild cats. Although we might be able to control the climates in our homes, wild cats need to protect themselves against the elements. They do so thanks to a thick coat which can vary in length. Most domestic cat breeds have short hair, but there are also medium-haired and longhaired cats.

Cats also have different types of hair, including down, awn and guard hairs. Their coats have single, double or triple layers, although the latter are rare. The softer down hairs are closer to the body with the guard and awn layers making the outer coat. The down keeps them warm during winter, but it can also keep them cool during summer.

Shedding season for cats usually occurs in spring and autumn. They tend to shed a lot of their down hair, as well as a lesser amount of guard and awn hairs. This allows them to develop their summer and winter coats, respectively. The result is a lot of cat hair in the environment.

This doesn’t mean cats only shed twice a year, it just means that twice a year it is worse than usual. Some cats also naturally shed more than others, especially if they have longhair. It is important to remember that shedding is not the same as alopecia, so make sure to check any abnormal hair loss with a veterinarian.

Why do cats smell?

Just as some cats shed more than others, some cats tend to smell more than others. All cats will produce foul smells to some degree. These are related to the following:

  • Food: the food cats eat often gives them a smelly mouth, especially if they eat a lot of wet cat food or fresh food. It is only usually a problem when near the cat’s mouth, but some can be surprisingly strong.
  • Digestion: if a cat eats, they have to poop. Even for a healthy cat, the stool in their litter box can have a strong smell. This is one reason they need to be cleaned daily. Like us, cats also release wind. This is exacerbated if they have an inappropriate diet.
  • Health: some cats have medical conditions which can make them smell more than others. These conditions can be acute or chronic, but the smell can be great either way. Chronic dental problems can cause seriously bad breath in cats which won’t go away unless treated. Ear infections, yeast infections and other diseases can also contribute to a bad smell.
  • Glands: a cat’s anal glands secrete a strong smell which is worsened if they are impacted. Hormone-related health problems can also cause them to produce bad odors, something often exacerbated by age.
How to Eliminate Annoying Cat Hair With a Cat Air Purifier - Why do cats smell?

How to eliminate cat hair and bad odor at the same time

While intensive cleaning can remove cat hair and neutralize bad feline odor, these problems will begin anew once the cat returns to our living space. Finding a sustainable way to eliminate them at the same time seemed impossible, but an innovative solution has been created by a company called Wisesky with the W-cat air purifier. This device is the perfect meow buddy, a helpful tool to support our cat’s needs, as well as our own. Now there is a promotion for the first 200 people to get a filter cartridge.

Like normal air purifiers, cat air purifiers draw in the ambient air and remove various microbes and molecules which can be problematic. These include germs, bacteria, smoke and foul odors.

Cat air purifiers are a meow buddy because they are specifically designed to meet the needs of cat owners and their pets. This means they will have cat hair-grabbing filters which draw in stray hair with the air. They also eliminate the strong odors which cats can create in the home, as well as meet other needs of the cat. It carries out these functions without any need for our intervention.

How to Eliminate Annoying Cat Hair With a Cat Air Purifier - How to eliminate cat hair and bad odor at the same time

How do cat air purifiers help cats and owners?

A device like the W-cat air purifier is the best line of defense against invading dead cat hair, especially during the molting seasons. By eliminating the floating cat hair which can travel to anywhere in the home, our beds, floors, furnishings and even the clothes we wear will see a significant reduction in the fur which can attach itself like a second coat.

The W-cat air purifier uses electrostatic material to grab the hair as it draws in the air from the home. This is collected in a disposable filter. The 360° grille inlet takes the air from all around the room, but it is specially designed so that cats will not be able to hurt themselves in the mechanism. It even has a special cord which prevents cats from damaging it.

Simultaneous to eliminating dead cat hair, this meow buddy cat air purifier is the best at eliminating bad cat smells. This is thanks to a H13 HEPA filter which gets rid of 99.97% of airborne particles. It also uses an activated carbon filter to be even more comprehensive in eliminating molecules and microbes. In addition, it has UVC three-dimensional sterilization technology which is able to kill germs using UV light.

While removing dead cat hair and bad smells are very important benefits of cat air purifiers, a truly great cat air purifier will do even more. In addition to maintaining our own health and hygiene, the cat will benefit greatly from the removal of pathogens from their environment. This is particularly important for cats with health problems such as respiratory disease or autoimmune conditions.

A cat air purifier can also be a source of environmental enrichment for the cat. The W-cat has quiet modes which won’t disturb their or cause any undue stress, meaning the cat can sleep on top when they feel inclined. This also helps maintain the cat’s overall well-being.

To completely eliminate cat hair and bad odor, you will need to generally maintain the hygiene of the home. This will involve vacuuming the stray hair and using enzymatic products to clean floors and furnishings. A cat air purifier will start these jobs and is the best way to minimize cleaning for homes with cats.

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How to Eliminate Annoying Cat Hair With a Cat Air Purifier