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How To Stop My Cat From Jumping On My bed

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stop My Cat From Jumping On My bed

All who share their lives with cats know that they love sleeping and especially do so in our beds instead of the bed you bought for them. Your bed smells like you, is imbued with your pheromones and is irresistible to your cat. If you care that your feline companion jumps onto your , because of allergies, or because they do not let you sleep, or simply because you don't find it hygienic that they bring in hair and cat litter tray remnants, on we tell you how to stop your cat from climbing onto your bed.

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Steps to follow:


If you don't want your feline friend to stop sleeping on your bed, there are ways to achieve that goal. You must not give up and let your cat be boss. You must make it see and understand that the bed is not the best place to sleep or hang out. Do not be afraid because your cat starts to bother you or go away from you, they are very smart and learn to spend time with you in another way.


Every time you see your cat sleeping on your bed, or catch it when it's just about to jump you, you must say 'no' firmly and if it is already sleeping in your bed, you should pick it up and gently remove it. You should not be rude to it or scold it, cats learn better with positive stimuli. So you can lift it out of bed and get him out of the room, you can leave it on the couch or in its bed if you have one.


Buy a bed for your cat and place it in your room so you can sleep together but not in the same bed. If you know your cat, it is looking for a comfortable bed, which it can sit protected as though inside a cave which is even slightly elevated so it can see you. If you see that it does not use the bed, you can get it accustomed to it by leaving some of your clothes inside, your scent will reassure it and make it understand that this place is part of you. It must have a sense of familiarity that makes it feel good. Even go as far as leaving prizes inside, to associate the bed with positive ideas for it.

How To Stop My Cat From Jumping On My bed - Step 3

Other ways to get your cat does to stop jumping on the bed are more annoying because they involve making noises that it doesn't like. When you see your cat go to jump onto the bed you can shake a rattle or a can with coins in and watch with patience, it will stop it. Cats really don't like these sounds, it's very important that it does not see you make the noise, try to be discreet because if he realizes he will not change his behaviour.

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How To Stop My Cat From Jumping On My bed