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What To Feed A Pot-Bellied Pig

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What To Feed A Pot-Bellied Pig

Pot-bellied pigs are beginning to become so fashionable and they are already kept as companion animals worldwide. Many Pot-bellied pig owners actually live in flats and take their porky friends for walks through the streets. If you are thinking of buying one of these precious pigs, you have to know some things about them and one of the very important things is to know what to feed a pot-bellied pig to ensure its correct nutrition and well-being.

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Steps to follow:


Pot-bellied pigs really are pigs, but it is not recommended that you feed them swill - which is more suited for livestock. That's because swill basically serves as a food to fatten pigs.


The best food to feed a pot-bellied pig is feed for horses, as it has plenty of fiber and it's low in fat. There are also other commercial pre-packed food in many pet shops and specialized shops that are specifically designed for this animal.

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Pigs are omnivores, so they can also eat some fresh food. As long as it only accounts to one quarter of your pot-bellied pig's diet, you can give it vegetables such as carrots, green leaved vegetables, cucumber and even potato. Some fruit every now and then can be fed to them but only as a treat as they have a high percentage of sugar.

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If you want to give your pot-bellied pig some extra fiber, you can feed it some hay too as a supplement to their diet.

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It is also vitally important to know what you shouldn't feed your pig. Never give it chocolate or pre-packed food for human consumption due to its high salt content. It's also important you limit the dosage of starchy vegetables if you want to keep your pot-bellied pig healthy.


It's very important for the pig's water to always be clean, as they dirty the water quickly because their snouts are often dirty too.

If this article has been useful for you and your little porker, we'd love to hear your opinion and / or experience.

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  • Vietnamese pigs think about eating all day long. This can be used to your advantage to get their attention and to train them.
  • Do not give them too much food. If the belly of the pig almost reaches the ground, you have to give them less food so they slim down.
  • Pigs do almost anything to get food, so if you keep a pig at home and keep food in low cabinets or the pantry, be sure to seal the doors well.
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What To Feed A Pot-Bellied Pig