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How to Know if my Guinea Pig is a Male or a Female

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Know if my Guinea Pig is a Male or a Female

If you share your life with a guinea pigs, it is very important to know how to differentiate the sexes to avoid unwanted pregnancies or other problematic instances. At first glance, both the females and the males are very similar. There are no major differences in appearance, shape or top coat and the genitals are very discreetly and considerately hidden away from prying eyes. Therefore, in the following OneHowTo article we will give you some tips that can help you know whether your guinea pig is male or female.

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Steps to follow:


Knowing the sex of your guinea pig is important to plan pregnancies if you want it to have babies. Also, it is the only way to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. If you check the sex of your pet and you think it is a female, do not hesitate to check again and even consult a professional for a thorough investigation. The sex can be determined at any stage of the guinea pig's life cycle, but if you get them while they're still babies, it is important to make sure of the sex before. If the guinea pig is male, you have to separate it from the mother after three weeks or within one month once they are strong and well developed. After this time, the males should never be with the mother or with other females.

How to Know if my Guinea Pig is a Male or a Female - Step 1

Female and male guinea pigs have 2 breasts. In males these breasts are smaller, but it is not a good way to determine the sex. It might be that some males have larger breasts and females with smaller breasts, so this method is not advised.

If you pass your fingers along the animal's genitals sometimes you can feel the animal's penis if you press slightly. However, if the animal is nervous it may contract the genitals so you could have the impression that the animal is a female. With patience and care, make sure that your pet is comfortable and you can repeat the operation to check for the male genitalia.



If your pet is very young, the little animal's testicles may have not dropped and if it is an adult, sometimes, the genitals are well camouflaged and hidden under layers. Anyway, make sure you try find out their sex. Take your guinea pig from the top and let the body hang. Observe the animal's lower area at the backend of its body and then tighten your grip on the lower part of the belly. This is one of the most compelling ways to know the sex of your guinea pig.


Normally, the females are much less bulky in that particular area when compared to the males who are packing all their genitals in that area. If you press on the top repeatedly and a little penis does not appear, it makes sense that the animal is a female. Having checked this, you'll most certainly know the sex of your guinea pig. However, it is advisable to repeat the process later or another day to make completely sure whether your pet is female or male.

How to Know if my Guinea Pig is a Male or a Female - Step 4

Take your guinea pig from the top and let the body hang and look carefully. Female genitals are well shaped, and the male genitals resemble the letter I. An important fact is that females come into heat every 15 or 17 days and with a duration of 1 or 2 days. During heat they can be gruff, fonder, issue a purr, move the back of your body, chase other guinea pigs, and even try to mount other females even if they are female guinea pigs.


Be careful if you have more than one guinea pig as if they're pregnant they can have many babies. Also, if you notice your guinea pigs are acting in a strange way or even aggressive, separate them and put them in different cages.

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How to Know if my Guinea Pig is a Male or a Female