What Fruits can a Hamster Eat

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 14, 2022
What Fruits can a Hamster Eat
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Your hamster's food must be based on a feed prepared from dry seeds, grains, nuts and green food. However, veterinarians recommend always supplementing their diet with a little fruit and vegetables which are suitable for them, because these products contain nutrients and proteins lacking in preparation for hamsters. This should happen always under the supervision of a veterinarian and in moderate amounts. If you want to supplement the diet of your little rodent but do not know what they can take, read this article and discover here at OneHowTo What fruits can a hamster eat.

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Steps to follow:


Hamsters love fresh food such as fruits and vegetables but feeding them only these is a mistake because they can cause digestive disorders. Therefore, it is important to follow a course of dry feed, provided by the veterinarian, and supplement it with these products occasionally and in small amounts. Also, because hamsters are prone to obesity, which is highly detrimental to their health, we must give them fruits low in calories.


Pear is one of the fruits with a higher level of fiber supplement that can not be missed out in the diet of our hamster. Pears are very beneficial to them because they help them purify their body and regulate bowel movements. Since the pear is a fruit with fewer calories, you should give it to them clean, well cut, seedless, with skin in trace amounts once every two weeks.

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On the other hand, watermelon itself is a fruit with fewer calories, ideal to give to our hamster. Of course, like pears, you should give it seedless, as they are harmful to them. The advantage of this fruit against the rest is its high water content, since proper hydration is another aspect that we can not neglect when maintaining our hamster in perfect condition.

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Following in the line of fruits that hamsters can eat, Strawberries are another of the best options. As with the above, they are rich in fiber and provide our rodent with an extra contribution of vitamins and minerals. Also, its diuretic properties will help to regulate intestinal transit. Remember to wash the fruit by peeling before feeding it to them and that makes it easier to eat.

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Apple is another fruit that your hamster can eat. Although not one of the lowest in calories, it gives them multiple benefits in terms of the process of digestion. Also, it will help to strengthen their teeth to gnaw. The advice is to give it to them in the form of chunks not too thick to chew and so they can exercise the jaw. Remember to wash it before and do not remove the skin but rather the seeds.

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Finally, kiwi and peach are good fruits for hamsters. In these cases, you must remove the skin, pips and give it to them chopped up. These fruits are also composed of a lot of water and contain a very low calorie level and high carbohydrates, so it does not promote weight gain and helps regulate the intestinal transit. Remember that obesity in hamsters is highly harmful to their health.

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When giving your hamster fruits it is also important that you consider various considerations and properly wash them first, and by shredding and removing the skin in specific cases. It is also recommended that throughout the week they ingest a minimal amount of fresh food, either fruits or vegetables. And that they do this in moderation. As well as good frut for hamsters, there are also some which are toxic like grapes, bananas and avocados, although they like the taste.

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What Fruits can a Hamster Eat