How to Feed a Pregnant Rabbit

Rebecca Doughty
By Rebecca Doughty . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Feed a Pregnant Rabbit

Whether you've chosen to breed your rabbit, or found out little bunnies are on the way unexpectedly, it can be a very exciting time. The prospect of baby rabbits is obviously extremely cute, but your rabbit will rely on you solely to care for and nurture her throughout her pregnancy which is a big responsibility. This will include making some changes in the way you handle and care for your pet, particularly when it comes to their diet. Here at OneHowTo we'll explain how to feed a pregnant rabbit to help ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Steps to follow:


If you fed your rabbit commercial pellets before pregnancy, it is perfectly fine to carry on feeding her the same during. Remember, sudden changes in a rabbit's diet can cause them stress, so try and introduce any changes gradually so as not to cause them discomfort.


Your pregnant rabbit will need extra nutritional care during her pregnancy. The extra weight will mean that she requires extra calories. Increasing your doe's portion sizes however can cause gas and bloating. So it is often better to feed your bunny an extra meal a day rather than one large meal. Increase her portions as you feel necessary per each week of the pregnancy.

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An additional teaspoon of whole oats or black sunflower seeds to their daily food portions helps to provide the extra fats needed during your rabbits pregnancy. Sunflower seeds are better once your doe starts to lactate as they are high in fats but low in carbohydrates which helps with milk production.


Feeding your pregnant rabbit any extra snacks such as carrots, alfalfa hay, celery, cucumber and lettuce will provide plenty of vitamins for your doe, and are also a tasty treat for her too! Try and avoid sweet fruits as these can cause upset to your rabbits digestive system.

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Don't forget to make sure your rabbit has access to clean, fresh water at all times. Water is extremely important for your rabbit during pregnancy as it helps with milk production, and ensures that your doe is hydrated and healthy in order for her body to focus on developing a healthy litter of kits.


At OneHowTo, we also have a complete guide on how to care for your pregnant rabbit.

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lawrence jonah
what causes rapid death in a rabbit after delivery because am expriencing that
OneHowTo Editor
Just like humans, there can be many complications while giving birth such as uterus rupture. We're sorry to hear that, make sure you contact a professional vet!
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How to Feed a Pregnant Rabbit