Vegetables Hamsters Can Eat

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: March 10, 2022
Vegetables Hamsters Can Eat

If you are thinking of supplementing your hamster's diet with vegetables to make it more palatable and provide extra vitamins and nutrients, it is essential that you know which products are suitable for them. The best way of feeding your pet is by always feeding them food made especially for them, according to their weight, breed and nutritional needs. So, don't forget to check with your veterinarian before adding any food to their diet and to check if you really should. Read this OneHowTo article and discover the vegetables hamsters can eat.

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As hamsters are animals that have a tendency to become obese, it is very important you control the amount of food they eat. You should only give them small portions of vegetables, and don't give them vegetables every day. Ask your veterinarian how often they should be fed this type of food. It is essential that you only give your hamster fresh vegetables, not cooked or boiled vegetables.

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Peas are one of the most beneficial vegetables for your hamster as they help control blood sugar levels and promote cardiovascular health. As they are animals that can fatten up easily, it is essential you find products with a low calorie content and which also improve the intestinal transit.

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As with peas, spinach is highly beneficial to regulate bowel movements. It is a great source of fiber with antioxidant properties and no fat, which is essential for keeping your hamster's health in perfect condition. Of course, if your pet has diarrhea you should not feed it spinach, precisely due to its high fiber content, since it will act as a laxative, increasing stool liquid to the point of producing severe dehydration.

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Despite lettuce being one of the most popular vegetables hamsters can eat at home, it can be harmful to their liver in large quantities. However, in small quantities, it does yield great benefits due to its antioxidant properties and high iron content.

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As with lettuce, carrots are suitable for hamsters in very small quantities but eating too many can cause liver problems. Ideally provide your rodent with carrot leaves and occasionally a little peeled carrot in small portions. This vegetable allows them to gnaw and strengthen their teeth, which is something we must provide them with from time to time.

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In addition to vegetables, you can also provide your hamster with green vegetables such as fennel or courgettes in very small quantities. These products are beneficial because of their low calorie content and for their antioxidant, diuretic and expectorant properties that are ideal for combating gastrointestinal problems.

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Finally, it should be noted that all cruciferous vegetables such as different varieties of cabbage and broccoli, can cause diarrhea and other stomach disorders if they are provided in medium or large amounts. They can only ingest them if they are cut into very small pieces. Before giving any of the above vegetables to your hamster, it is important they are washed thoroughly. Just as there are some vegetables that are suitable for them, there are also some which are toxic and can cause them serious health problems, such as onions, tomatoes, rhubarb and garlic.

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Vegetables Hamsters Can Eat