How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth

Do you have a pet hamster? Well, if you do not know that much about these small animals, we suggest you keep reading. When you bring a hamster home, there are certain things you'll have to do to take care of your new pet. Don't panic though! They are very neat rodents and are easy to look after. With love and a little information, you will ensure your little friend has a healthy and happy life. oneHOWTO explains how to clean your hamster's teeth.

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Beforehand, you should know that the a hamster's teeth, as with any rodent, grow constantly. If they're not worn down properly, they will grow too much and your pet could suffer malformations in the teeth that could cause serious disorders.

The key to proper teeth health is healthy eating, on which your vet can advise. The perfect diet should meet all their nutritional needs and include hard grains so that your rodent cleans its teeth in a natural way and so that its teeth are kept at a suitable length. OneHowTo explains how to feed a hamster so you can take care of your new friend properly.

How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth - Step 1

Good wear of the teeth from eating food is key to preventing teeth from overgrowing. That said, you should know that there is no specific product to clean the teeth of your hamster; rather, it is something they do with good food, as well as toys designed for hamsters.

These accessories are key for your hamster to bite, wear down and clean its teeth. Cardboard or natural wood surfaces are ideal for your pet to play with and look after its teeth.

How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth - Step 2

Providing an object so that your hamster can chew on is fundamental. Their incisors grow throughout their lives and a hard surface within reach on which they can gnaw and keep teeth worn down is very important. Doing so will avoid trips to the vet to have the teeth filed down.

You can design a homemade surface with wood or cardboard for your pet, or choose from the wealth of accessories available in pet shops for your pet to play with and chew. There are wooden bars or sticks for hamsters which can be placed in their cage so that they can work their teeth. In addition, there are very nutritious treat bars for rodents, so that they can clean and wear down their teeth at the same time.

How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth - Step 3

A hamster's teeth are not white - they tend to have a yellowish color, which is natural. Do not obsess over their color, but if you start to notice dark brown or black spots, take your pet to the veterinarian specialized in exotic pets to see what happens. If you notice also that its teeth are growing and not wearing down properly, see a vet to check to see if the dimensions are suitable or not. If they are too long, the vet can file them down.

In another article we tell you how to look after a hamster so you know the basics care required by this animal.

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How to Clean your Hamster's Teeth