How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly

Do you have a hamster as a pet? Therefore we recommend you keep reading this OneHowTo article so you can care for your furry pet and so you can guarantee your little fur baby?s health and wellness. Among the ideals of hamster care, the most important aspect is cleaning the hamster cage. It is essential to maintain good hygiene and to avoid any nasty cases of infection. Pay attention to the following and discover how to clean a hamster cage properly step by step.

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Steps to follow:


To clean a hamster cage properly, we must make it very clear that hamsters are very sensitive to smell. They are very neat and hygienic pets. With this in mind, it is not advisable to clean the interior with very aggressive products. You should not use chemical cleaners that leave a powerful scent all over the show. You'll have to find a product that is as natural and which is recommended for use. The first thing you should do is put your pet in another cage or container while cleaning the animal's home.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly - Step 1

Once your pet is in a separate place, you must remove all objects from its cage: water bowls, feeders, nests, fabrics, toys that are inside, etc. Many experts do not advise disinfecting all the things belonging to hamsters, because they are very territorial and mark their smell in certain areas. If you clean them too, they will lose their smell and then it all gets very confusing. What you can do is clean them with very mild soaps like the ones for veterinary use.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly - Step 2

To clean the cage of a hamster and all the animal's belongings, it is useful to use a spatula to get rid of food scraps and nasty feces that stick to the bars of the cage floor and wall. Then, grab a brush that has been wet with mild soap and water and then scrub and scrub everything. If all the dirt is not going away, you can dip it in hot water so it can be disinfected once again. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, rinse it several times with water and dry well with paper or leave it outdoors, if you're not in a hurry.


Also, you have to scrub all the things your hamster uses. The first thing to do is to put everything in a bowl with soap and water. Then, with the same brush as before, scratch, scrub and rinse the objects thoroughly. Then, dry outside or use paper. Pay special attention to fabric or wooden objects that could become a source of mangy mold and nasty mildew. When the hamster?s home is dry, you can now pop in some fresh sawdust and all their belongings. In the end, you can now take your hamster and put the little fellow in the clean cage.


As a general rule, it is not recommended to wash the hamster cage very often. General cleaning should scheduled every couple of times a month at most. For daily hygiene, simply remove things with a shovel. Things like food scraps, little presents left behind by your hamster or general dirt, but daily cleaning isn?t required.

What is important is that the food and water bowl are always impeccable. Change the water container daily and put in clean water. We are very careful with fermented food because it could cause a lot of damage and it is essential to remove any remaining perishable food. In the following OneHowTo article you can see How to feed a hamster.

How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly - Step 5

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How to Clean a Hamster Cage Properly