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How to Tell if Your Hamster Has Mites

How to Tell if Your Hamster Has Mites

Do you think that your hamster has mites? If you have doubts about whether your pet is infested with a parasite, we recommend you keep reading. Although it is not very common that a hamster has fleas and mites they are not exempt from suffering this problem, especially if you live with dogs or cats at home. If you live with more pets be cautious because these small rodents could also be victims of these parasites. In we explain how to tell if your hamster has mites.

Steps to follow:

If your hamster shares the home with cats or dogs we very seriously recommend that you have these treated otherwise mites will be likely to end up occupying the body of your rodent. If not, you must pay attention to your pet's behavior.

One of the symptoms that lead you to think that it has parasites is that it compulsively scratches, though you should be aware that, in fact, these animals naturally like to scratch.


To tell if your hamster has mites you must learn to tell the difference between a harmless natural scratch or if it does so alarming and disturbingly; although it seems difficult to appreciate, with constant observation you will figure it out. Rodents love to scratch, it is just a habit of these small animals and part of their grooming routine, in fact they spend many hours a day wiping every corner of their hairy body.

It is customary that, if they are not exercising, sleeping or eating you will see them scratching and it is very easy to confuse this with the fact of having fleas or some type of infection. In that case, do not panic, scratching is normal.


However, your hamster may have fleas if it scratched compulsively. Your pet can do itself much damage if it scratches with strength and insistence, leading to bleeding or losing part of its scalp. If this is the case, it may be that your hamster is suffering a plague on his body and is in fact having a terrible experience. It may suffer a serious infestation with scratching causing loss of hair and skin, bleeding, irritation and a lot of itchiness. Take your pet to the vet for treatment without wasting any time.


After taking your hamster to the vet it will be time to clean its cage thoroughly so that the fleas do not resettle on your pet, this cleaning will have to be done frequently so that this does not happen again. Maintaining a perfect hygiene of the cage, nest and its coat will be the basis for fleas to not reappear. Use sprays for your home and for the environment, wash your pet with special shampoos and colognes and thus prevent future infestations.

In OneHowTo we share some tips so you know how to clean a hamster cage properly.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to a vet if it has any type of condition or pain.

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How to Tell if Your Hamster Has Mites
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How to Tell if Your Hamster Has Mites