How to Safely Clip a Rabbit's Nails at Home

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Safely Clip a Rabbit's Nails at Home
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Even when it is apparent that our rabbit's nails need to be trimmed, it can become a challenge if the rabbit gets nervous and is unwilling to cooperate. The rabbits immediately start moving around so it is important not to be afraid when grooming and cutting its nails, as otherwise it can be a very complicated task. So in our step by step guide below we at OneHowTo tell you how to cut your rabbit's nails with little stress and discomfort for both you and your rabbit.

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Steps to follow:


To cut your rabbit's nails, buy cat nail clippers. They are suitable for rabbits, but if you find nail clippers for rabbits, even better. Don't use common utensils like scissors or pliers.


You have to be calm to in order to keep your rabbit calm and to try and minimize the stress of this procedure.


Do not do it alone. Ask someone else to help you, as it will be better to have someone hold the rabbit so you do not hurt their hind legs or let it bite you if it gets really nervous.

If your rabbit is too nervous, do not hesitate to get a third person so that you can make sure the rabbit is still enough for you to safely cut the nails.


Do not be loud or make sudden rapid movements, speak with a soft voice and try to avoid startling the rabbit unnecessarily as you cut its nails.


It is best to cut the nails where it is very well-lit so that you can easily see the nails and where you should cut them.


Never cut too far, only cut the white and clear part, if you can't really tell, only cut the tip of the nail.


The nails of the front feet grow faster than those on the hind legs and feet, so the rear legs can go longer without being cut.


Try to maintain the natural shape of the nail by making a slight angle when you cut to avoid the nail snagging or catching after the cut.


If you hurt it, wash the wound and cover it immediately to stop the bleeding, if you see it worsening consult a vet.

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Image: mascotasencasa.com
How to Safely Clip a Rabbit's Nails at Home