How to Dry Bath a Rabbit

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: November 12, 2021
How to Dry Bath a Rabbit

Rabbits are very clean animals. They always find a moment to groom themselves as they love to feel clean. Normally you do not need to bathe them, but it is true that in certain cases you will have no choice but to do so even though the rabbit does not like it. For example, if you have a Persian rabbit and its coat gets dirty it will need cleaning in addition to brushing. But what happens if your rabbit does not like the bathing? You will have no choice but to dry wash your rabbit. Do not worry if you do not know what this is, next in oneHOWTO we explain how to dry bath your rabbit.

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Steps to follow:


Baby rabbits should not be wet, so a dry bath is the best option to bathe them. Also, if your rabbit is an adult and does not like bathing in water you can also dry bathing it.


Dry shampoos for rabbits usually come in powder. Make sure that it is suitable for your rabbits delicate skin. If you are not convinced, ask which dry shampoo is best to dry bath your rabbit. Another remedy if you haven't got dry shampoo is to use baby cornstarch, widely available in most supermarkets (though you should not mistake it for talcum powder or regular baby powder).


Take great care with the nose, ears, eyes and mouth of your rabbit when you apply the powder. To do this, when you sprinkle the powder on it, carefully cover its head with your hand so the powder does not irritate it.


When you have the head well covered with your hand sprinkle the powder all over its body.


Once your rabbit's body is covered with the dust, take a brush suitable for its hair and brush it repeatedly both with the hair and back brushing it. Use a fine comb to get rid of any sticky remnants that may not have disappeared. Don't tug too hard and do it very softly and slowly. Remember that if it is the first time you do this the rabbit will be nervous and will have to be accustomed slowly.

How to Dry Bath a Rabbit - Step 5

When brushing you will be removing dead hair, which is also an area or fur that will have accumulated dirt. Repeat the action until you see it is clean.


Like so you can dry wash your rabbit, without need of making it stressed through contact with water and, as it grows and becomes an adult, it will get use to it and it may even become a pleasurable activity. In addition to brushing, you will take away all the dead hair and thus prevent it from eating it. Take advantage and clean its cage so your rabbit doesn't get too dirty either.

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How to Dry Bath a Rabbit