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How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant

Cat owners already know that these pets have a very particular character that can hardly be compared to any other. This includes all aspects of their behaviour, including heat, when the time comes that they are ready to mate with a cat nearby and when they are pregnant. But if this is your first experience with cats, it may be difficult for you to identify if your animal is at this point, so at we give you some information to easily find out if your cat is in heat or pregnant.

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Steps to follow:


Unlike other pets, cats are always ready to mate, so if there are female cats around them that are constantly in heat, they will be too. A cat reaches sexual maturity after about one year of age, afterwards the animal will develop a very particular and territorial behavior when it is in heat.


Marking its territory is the main characteristic of this period. Cats urinate inside and outside the home in defined spaces (usually in corners) with a fluid that is much stronger than normal urine, leaving a smell at home that is difficult to remove.

How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant - Step 2

The cat conqueror will plan an escape. If you live in a house, you may not see your cat for several days, and if you're in an apartment, the animal may sneak out the door when you're distracted to woo the anxious female cat nearby. This, though it may sound nice, threatens the life of the animal because it is vulnerable to harm. It's also how many cats get lost.

How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant - Step 3

The cat also becomes very territorial and aggressive, both with other cats and with any inhabitant of the house that makes it feel threatened. Ripping furniture, destroying things and fighting with other cats are common occurrences during heat.

How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant - Step 4

In the case of female cats, you'll notice other very distinct attitudes. First of all your cat will meow in a kind of sound that will remind you of a crying baby. Your cat will also be more affectionate and will roll on the floor, tilting its tail to one side. If you want to know more about female cat oestrus take a look at our article How to know if a female cat is in heat.


The attitude the cat takes on and the many difficulties they cause when they're in heat, plus the desire to avoid excessive cat breeding, usually results in abandoned cats and are the main reasons why many owners decide to neuter their cat. This is a highly recommended procedure that will make living with your pet much easier, while preventing unwanted procreation of offspring.


If you notice your cat suddenly stops being in heat, it may be because your female cat is pregnant. Taking into account that female heat lasts between 7 and 10 days, you should be aware if your cat suddenly stops. Her next heat will be in 2 to 3 months. If you need more signs to know if your cat is pregnant, read our article How to know if your cat is pregnant.

How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant - Step 7

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How to Know if my Cat Is in Heat or Pregnant