Looking after a pregnant cat

How to know if your cat is pregnant

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to know if your cat is pregnant

Although the belly of a female cat does not begin to bulge until her pregnancy is very advanced, there are other signs that indicate that your pet is pregnant. These signs are purely physical and behavioural, as hormonal changes that the animal experiences in the gestation process will affect her mood. At OneHowTo, we'll explain how to know if your cat is pregnant.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing to know is that a cat's pregnancy lasts longer than two months, specifically, between 63 and 69 days.


During the first two weeks, there will not be any obvious signs of pregnancy. However, if your cat frequently goes on night outings, she will stop once she becomes pregnant.


The first outward physical changes begin to appear in the third week. Your cat's nipples will become much larger and also take on a pink hue.


In the fourth week, it will become noticeable that the cat has a bulging belly because the embryos in the litter are beginning to increase in size.


At the same time, behavioural changes in the cat due to pregnancy will begin. These changes result from both her physical state and her hormones. Some cats become very calm and require more attention, while others, by contrast, prefer to be alone and become unfriendly whenever they are touched.


Two days before the delivery, the cat will feel distressed and will cry and wail with increasing frequency until she finally gives birth.

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My female cat is about 7 months old and is much more affectionate and has not went off the porch as much at night as she used to. Now when I rub her stomach i can feel little lump like things unlike before, has started eating more than usual and has a bigger stomach than she had about a month ago and i have a male cat. Do you think my cat is pregnant or is there an explanation for this, like if its normal for a cat?
OneHowTo Editor

If you have two sexually mature unneutered cats, they can mate. A female at 7 months may have already had her first heat cycle, meaning she is fertile. You should confirm with a vet if so, but there are other possible reasons, including simply growing into her adult form.
Kristy lucykanish
i have a question my cat is 3-4 years old and i have a male cat as well and my girl cat is sleeping alot eating alot and is more cuddles and she lets us touch her belly and b4 she didnt want nothing to do with us at all b4 and now her nipples is showing alot more
she seems to be pregnant.
How to know if your cat is pregnant