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How to Care for your Toy Poodle

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Care for your Toy Poodle

Toy poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds, this is an animal that loves to be with family, play and accompany its owner wherever they go. Because of their attention span and responses, these pets are very easy to train, but we should monitor their education to prevent spoiling them and creating behaviour patterns that will be difficult to correct later. Read on to find all the care that this breed needs, because at oneHOWTO we explain how to care for your toy poodle.

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Steps to follow:


Train your puppy. Toy poodles are very intelligent dogs, so training them in basic tasks such as sitting, relieving themselves in specific places or doing certain tricks will be very easy provided you are patient and consistent. But keep something in mind: once your dog gets used to certain things, it will be very difficult to undo these habits.

Due to its domestic nature, many owners of these dogs get them used to eating our food, climbing on furniture or constantly begging, something the animal will learn quickly and never forget.

This is why we advise to train a toy poodle from when it's a puppy. Take a look at how to teach it basic commands:


Socialize your puppy. The toy poodle is a very long-lived dog and can live about 20 years with proper care. It is very important that these dogs are raised in a balanced environment in which they are disciplined and are not mistreated. Similarly the way they are socialized since puppies with other dogs and people is essential, otherwise the poodle may become jealous, nervous animals and in some cases even aggressive with strangers.

How to Care for your Toy Poodle - Step 2

Specific food for a toy poodle. When caring for a toy poodle, food is basic. It is important not give the dog our food because if it learns it always gets food when it begs, this condition can become a problem when the dog starts barking to get what it wants.

When choosing food for it, consider the age of your pet and portions to keep your dog properly fed without overdoing it. In our article how much should I feed my dog, we show you how to calculate the quantity.

How to Care for your Toy Poodle - Step 3

Trim your dog's hair. Another important aspect when it comes to caring for a toy poodle is properly dealing with its hair. This dog tends to get knots, so to avoid getting these without completely shaving its fur off, you will need to brush your dog's fur daily. This will also allow you to make sure there are no parasites on its skin, will keep its fur clean and, at the same time, create a bond between you. Take a look at some poodle haircut styles too.

It is important to perform this task when it's a few months old so the dog will get used to it easily. In our article how to brush a dog's fur we explain how to do this. Its ears also require cleaning and care so use gauze moistened with water and gently remove any dirt that may accumulate.

How to Care for your Toy Poodle - Step 4

Avoid anxiety. The toy poodle has quite an anxious character, it is prone to barking frequently and is not a good dog to leave alone, so it is better suited to households in which there is someone at home most of the time. Otherwise you should get it used to being alone starting from when it is a puppy, so this is no problem for it. Take a look at the symptoms of anxiety in dogs so you can detect this condition on time.

It is very important that you exercise this animal daily to reduce tension and burn energy. The toy poodle enjoys long walks and jogging, important activities for it so it's best if you have time for these.


Pet care and prevention. Don't forget annual vet visits and compliance with its vaccination schedule to prevent diseases. Keep in mind that this is a pet that enjoys family, so this dog should not be isolated from its owners or environment.

With this care and love your pet will grow healthy and happy.

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How to Care for your Toy Poodle