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How to Care for a Pit Bull

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for a Pit Bull

Due to the origin of this breed and their physical characteristics, pitbulls are considered a dangerous breed. However, the reality is that this dog is an animal that responds very well to training as a great companion and a playful and friendly pet that gets along with all members of the family. They require the same basic care and affection as any other dog, but to grow up healthy and happy it is also important to note some details that are specific to the breed. These will help to educate the dog better. In this article on OneHowTo we explain how to care for a pitbull adequately.

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Steps to follow:


One of the most important aspects to consider when caring for a pitbull is that this race is extremely energetic. Pitbulls are always ready to play and go for walks. It is not enough to only take your dog out for a quick bathroom break and then go home. Pitbulls require at least 1 hour of daily exercise for running, walking and playing outside to discharge their wild energy.

If the animal does not have the required dose of activity, it runs the risk of becoming an anxious and destructive dog, as is the case with many other breeds, so you must provide them with more entertainment. You can go out with your dog:

  • Play catch the ball or any other object.
  • Go for a run, but only when the animal is a little older.
  • Stroll through a park or mountain range.
  • Take your furry friend to a dog park in order to socialise and have fun with other dogs.
How to Care for a Pit Bull - Step 1

The hefty pitbull has a reputation as a very aggressive race, but everything depends on how you train them. It is very important that, from the moment in which the puppy can leave the house (around 3 months after completing all immunisations), you should begin to socialise your pet to get used to contact with other breeds of dogs, with children, adults and people in general.

This will cause your dog to have the ability to interact appropriately with different animals and with people of different types, making your dog's character friendly and open.

How to Care for a Pit Bull - Step 2

Another important aspect when caring for a pitbull is training. It's imperative to monitor your pet during walks, to teach them basic commands and rules of behavior at home. This breed is intelligent, obedient and ideal for training, so using the right tools you can get your dog to learn what you want it to learn.

You have to start training from the seventh week or two months on, the sooner you start the better the results.

How to Care for a Pit Bull - Step 3

Like any race of dog, you should feed your pitbull with quality food and take into account the animal's age. Provide fresh water, medical care and the attention they require. Keep up with the vaccination schedule. Make sure your dog is wormed properly inside and outside, and visit the vet once a year to ensure their good health. This is essential for their welfare.

In general, these pets do not have specific health problems because of their race, except for the fact they have a delicate skin which is prone to canine dermatitis and conditions such as pyoderma. Keep them free of fleas and ticks, check their skin at least once a week and take care of the quality of cosmetics that you apply on your animal's dermis. This will be important to prevent such conditions.

In addition it is essential to give your dog lots and lots of love, care and attention to make them feel like a true member of your family. Your pitbull deserves all your love to grow up healthy and happy, so give it the attention it deserves and ensure their proper development.

How to Care for a Pit Bull - Step 4

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How to Care for a Pit Bull