How to Care for a Doberman

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for a Doberman

Do you have a pet Doberman? Well, read this article to know all the details about this amazing dog and give it the best care it deserves. It is a sleek, powerful, intelligent and majestic dog with short fur and a strong and slim stature. OneHowTo explains how to care for a Doberman and includes all the steps to ensure it is happy and healthy at all times.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you should do is take your dog to the vet for a complete overhaul and give him the necessary vaccines. In addition, regular check-ups and monitoring with a specialist is important just to check that its development is normal and healthy. They can sometimes suffer from Wobbler syndrome, a malformation of the vertebrae of the neck, or cardiomyopathy - an enlarged heart. Both ailments are typical of the breed and it is best to recognize any of the symptoms as soon as possible.


One of the most important aspects to care for a doberman care is nutrition. You have to provide high quality grain and brown rice and meat. Its food ration will depend on your level of physical activity, weight and age. Until it reaches one year, feed your dog food specially designed for puppies, which contains all the nutrients necessary for their development. See how to feed a Doberman puppy in this article. If there is a very rapid weight gain, see your veterinarian about changing food type.

How to Care for a Doberman - Step 2

You must devote time to educate your Doberman from a very young age. Teaching good behavior is essential so that it matures into an obedient dog. It is a very intelligent breed and can understand - when taught properly - orders such as "sit", "down". All that's needed is positive reinforcement and patience.

It has a very stubborn character and you will have to put in a great deal of effort when training it. Obedience school from the when it is a puppy might be a good idea. When a Doberman gets used to living alone when going outside and interact with other dogs, it can get anxious by that powerful instinct of intrinsic protection. Taking classes will help prevent this problem, as it will get used to being calm around lots of dogs and people.

How to Care for a Doberman - Step 3

You'll have to exercise your Doberman to keep it in shape. You should try to give it exercise at least a few times a day. Although long walks are great, make sure it also has plenty of space to run around and use up all of that energy. A good time to exercise your dog is through play sessions, using a ball or other toy that it might like. If you love running or cycling, you could do sport with your dog.

How to Care for a Doberman - Step 4

Bathing and brushing are not too complicated for this breed. If Dobermans are brushed and fed high-quality feed, they do not need baths often. You should do it once a month - no more, otherwise its skin will dry out as the natural oils are stripped from its coat. You should use a mild soap and rinse well. The strong smell coming from your pet may be due to improper diet, not because it is dirty. If you notice red, dry or dull skin, and a thin coat, go to the vet immediately to assess whether there are any health problems such as hypothyroidism. For a smooth coat, you don't need to put in much work. It is easy to clean - brushing once a week is more than enough.


Another important aspect to care for your Doberman is its dental health. A good diet is key for healthy teeth and gums, as well as pleasant breath. It is also recommended that they use chew toys; in fact, the bones of meat are perfect for exercising their teeth and making them strong, healthy and clean. You should also get your dog used to brushing its teeth from a young age. Use a special brush and do from a young age to avoid any future problems.

How to Care for a Doberman - Step 6

And finally, do not forget keep their nails trimmed. Doberman's legs are long and it is essential that their nails do not grow too long and become deformed. The trick is to cut them before they become too long, very slightly once a week. This should be done from puppyhood, and should be carried out frequently. Go to the vet for advice. You can use a special nail cutter for dogs and be careful to do so whilst keeping the nail clean. With each cut, give your dog a good reward for its good behavior. Make sure you do not cut too low on the nail because this will be very painful for your dog. Another way to cut the nails is using special file. This is simpler and won't bother your dog as much in the process.

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How to Care for a Doberman