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How much should my cat eat

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 26, 2017
How much should my cat eat
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Choosing the right food for your cat is important if you want it to grow healthy, strong and happy. For some, this may be store-bought food and for others it means homemade food. Regardless of the type of food you choose, the amount of food you feed your cat is essential to prevent your pet becoming overweight or, on the contrary, malnourished, especially if it is a sterilized cat. In general, cats do not tend to eat more than necessary, as they are more independent and self sufficient than dogs but it is always recommended to control what they eat. Therefore, in this OneHowTo article we show you the keys to knowing how much your cat should eat.

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Steps to follow:


As mentioned, most cats are self-sufficient and tend to be ration food on their own throughout the day. However, the total daily amount you must provide will depend on the animals age and adult weight. And in case you have a cat that is spayed or gluttonous, where it will devour food without chewing and in just one sitting, it is always advisable that you feed it in portions yourself.


The first months of your cat's life are crucial for its development and growth, that is why this is the stage where more nutrients and proteins are needed. And, up to 4 months, you must give the cat at least 5 meals a day. Remember that its stomach is very small and does not accept very large quantities of food, so try to put between 20 and 25 grams per serving. The exact amount must be determine according to the adult weight, you should consult with your veterinarian.

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From 4 to 6 months you must reduce meals to 4 a day and increase 10 grams per serving. The cat's stomach grows and begins to tolerate larger amounts but you should not go over the top as we want our cat to stay at an ideal weight. Remember to check with your vet regarding the weight your adult cat should have to know the exact amount you should give per serving.


From 6 to 8 months, reduce feedings by one meal. You must provide 3 meals a day of 40-60 g each. And from 8 months to the first year reduce to the two daily meals that you should give the animal throughout its life. Unlike dogs, cats do not tolerate a single meal a day, which is why we must ration these into two doses once they reach adulthood, which occurs at one year. Depending on its weight you should give more or less food.


After reaching adulthood know that the amount of food varies depending on the weight of your cat. The general indications by total daily amount are as follows:

  • If your adult cat weighs 4 kg you must give it between 200 and 250 g
  • If it weighs 5 kg, between 250 and 300 g
  • If it weighs 6 kg, between 290 and 330 g
  • If it weighs 7 kg, between 310 and 375 g
  • If it weighs 8 kg, between 340 and 410 g
  • If it weighs 9 kg, between 390 and 460 g
  • If it weighs more than 10 kg, between 410 and 570 g

These amounts are approximate and may not suit all cats, since it depends on the sex and breed of the cat. Remember that this amount should be rationed into two doses. In general, males weigh more and need to eat more food, but when it comes to pregnant females it is advisable to give the cat the amount it requests as it specially needs more protein and calcium.


The breed also plays a key role in the final adult weight and therefore the amount of food you should give. If your cat is of a small breed, if weighing more than 7 kg we are talking about an obese feline and you must put it on a diet to reach its ideal weight again. It is therefore important that you make appropriate check ups with the veterinarian and always consult them regarding the amount and type of food you intend to give the animal.

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Remember that cats do not usually drink a lot of water and you must alternate dry feed with wet food to counter this lack of liquid. So, if you need to feed the animal during the first months of life 5 meals a day, try to make 2 of dry feed and 3 of wet food, for example.

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It's important for your cat to have a balanced diet to avoid the risk of it becoming overweight. If you notice your cat is not eating its food and seems very unwell, it could be a sign that your cat has been poisoned by a substance or food which is toxic to cats

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How much should my cat eat