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Why does my cat meow so much

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why does my cat meow so much

The meow of cats is one of their ways of communicating with us and with their environment, including other cats that may be around. But when our animal does so excessively or too intensely, it is normal for us to feel concerned. Has something happened to your pet? On we explain why your cat meows much and what you can do about it.

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Steps to follow:


The meow is a form of communication used particularly for kittens during their first months of life, but as the cat gets older it starts using other sounds like grunts or whistles to communicate with other cats.

If you have a small cat it may meow in order to meet its basic needs: hungry, need protection, it is cold. This often occurs during the first days of our cat arriving home, and that's because the animal is away from the heat and company of its mother and litter, but with proper care you will soon surpass this stage.


Now adult cats use meowing as a way to communicate with their masters in different scenarios, so it's important to understand interpret what happens to the animal.

It is important to know that there cat breeds which meow more than others, something to consider when adopting the animal as it significantly influences their behaviour.


One of the main reasons that an adult cat meows much is because it is in heat. If your animal is not sterilized it can prove that this situation will tremendously upset it. One feature of female cats in heat is intense meowing, as male cats in heat meow also because they know that nearby there is a willing female mate.

The simplest solution to this problem is to sterilize your cat, and you avoid behavioural changes, sneaky leaks and unwanted offspring.


Cats also meow to start games or affection, so if your cat does this frequently when it approaches you before tinkering is clear he wants to have fun with you for a while. It is also common that some cats meow to welcome us home or greet us when we approach them, so it will be good to get used to this behaviour.


We know that cats are big foodies, so if your cat meows a lot, stop for a moment to think: does it do so every time he goes to the kitchen or near food? If so your pet wants to ask you for food or advise you that it's hungry, this is especially true when it meows near his dinner time. If it comes to some meows no problem, but when the animal does intensively you must act.

It is therefore recommended that:

  • You never feed the animal after a tantrum, so it understands that it won't get food every time it meows. Wait till it calms down and then place its food.
  • Don't give it cookies or nibbles when it meows for hunger, for the same will happen, it will take it as a habit.
  • In cases of cats that really go crazy meowing, it is best to avail yourself of an automatic dispenser that serve food at certain times, so your cat will soon notice that the device is the one who feeds him and possibly start to meow at that.

Animals, like us, also suffer from stress and tension and this may be one of the main reasons why your cat meows a lot suddenly. If an important change has occurred in your routine, such a move, the arrival of another animal or a baby it is normal for your pet to meow.

Show him that you want to increase the attention and watch its anxiety levels reduce gradually.


Pain or illness can also be a source of a constant meow. In this case, if the meow sounds muted and is very frequent, it's good that you check over your cat making sure it does not have any injuries, you can also assess their conduct to see if they are sick. If you suspect something is wrong with his health immediately take him to the vet.


If your cat is older and started meowing, especially at night, it may be due to an ailment of aging. Older cats may feel nervous and disoriented at night, so meow to communicate their fears. In these cases the recommendation is that the cat is not completely left in the dark, a light always help.


Finally you should know that cats, like people, also know how to manipulate and quickly learn that meowing captures the attention of the master, so if any of the above applies to the unbridled meowing of your cat, it is possible that the animal is simply trying to get you to notice it, especially if it spends a lot of time alone. In this case, play and share with your cat but do not do when it meows desperately but when it has calmed down, and you will learn that this attitude is not positive and do not get what you want with it.

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Why does my cat meow so much