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How can I prevent my cat from shedding so much

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How can I prevent my cat from shedding so much

Cats are autonomous, self-cleaning pets that are very nice to have at home but, some breeds especially, have a big problem: they loose long hair and dirty our clothes, sofas, pillows and duvets and the ground. Although it is something that can not be avoided completely making it the downside of the nice feeling when patting our cat in we give you some advice so that the fur does not become so scattered through your home and to answer your question on how to prevent my cat from shedding so much.

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Steps to follow:


First of all, if your concern is that the cat releases too much hair and this affects a household member which is allergic to the feline, we must note that the most common allergies are to dandruff from the cat and not its hair. Use an air purifier and get rid of rugs and upholstered furniture so it doesn't accumulate hair.


If we brush the cat two or three times a day we will make the loss of hair less, as we are collecting this hair on the brush. It's also very important to know what kind of brush is best for your cat.


In addition, there are special brushes that you can find in any pet store with metal spikes and which are suitable for removing cat hair. They should only be used once a week and can also be used in the area of the belly, but always trying to do so carefully as to not hurt the cat in the areas that have less hair.

How can I prevent my cat from shedding so much - Step 3

If we give our pet a high quality feed we contribute to the reducing the release of cat hair. Thus, excessive hair loss can be due to a state of vitamin deficiency.


We can choose to spray our cat with a product that you can buy in veterinary clinics and consists of pheromones. The aim is that the cat be very comfortable, very relaxed and the loss of cat hair is reduced.

To use it, we apply this to the palm of the hand and then distribute it throughout the hair of the pet once a week.


Occasionally, the loss of cat hair can be caused by a parasite. So here we must go to the vet for deworming or by doing so ourselves. In this article we explain how to deworm a cat.

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How can I prevent my cat from shedding so much