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Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine

Brushing your dog to keep its fur shiny and in perfect condition is not simply a matter of aesthetics. Most importantly it's about hygiene and health as brushing gets rid of dead hair and makes it easier for them to move freely and keeps their skin in better condition.

To achieve this brightness that you think is impossible, at we have a few home remedies for brightening your dog's fur, an article that will help with your pet's fur.

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Steps to follow:


To apply home remedies for brightening your dog's fur you have to strictly follow the recommendations we offer you and then tell us how it went. We are sure that your pet and your home will thank you for spending time brushing and caring for their fur.


The appearance of a dog depends on many causes, including finding the right soap for their fur type. We want our dog to have silky fur that's healthy and tangle-free, but above all we want it to stand out for its shine.

So we must keep in mind that every dog has certain characteristics and we have learn how our dog is. At any vet you can already find conditioners to bring out the shine of your dog's fur.


There is an infallible ingredient to enhance the shine of your dog's fur: parsley. Remember to mix some chopped parsley leaves in with their food every day. If you can camouflage it, they will not notice anything and will eat it without showing signs that anything is different. In a few days your dog's fur will look shiny and full of softness.

Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine - Step 3

If you do not want to put parsley in your pet's food you can also use it to bathe your dog. Boil a sprig of parsley in a pint of water for a few minutes and then let it cool. Bathe them with this infused water. The results will be amazing!

Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine - Step 4

Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin and fur. If you want your dog's fur to shine, grate a raw carrot in every meal. Your dog will soon be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine - Step 5

Know what other two home remedies you have at home to get your dog's fur shining? Olive oil and margarine. Give your dog a little olive oil in their food or place a small amount of margarine and try to bathe them. In a few days you will notice a huge difference in your dog's fur: shine and softness almost instantly. Remember that quantities are important and you do not need to do it in more than one meal a week.

You can also use coconut oil to improve your dog's fur and skin, learn how!

Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine - Step 6

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  • Soaps that care for their skin. Your dog won't have shiny hair if we neglect our animal's skin. Buy suitable soaps that hydrate the dog's skin and provide hygiene and disinfect the area. Consult your veterinarian about which products are best suited for the breed, age and type of skin of your pet.
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Home Remedies to make my dog's fur shine