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Home Remedies For Deworming And Defleaing Dogs

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Home Remedies For Deworming And Defleaing Dogs

Deworming and defleaing your dog is an important part of taking care of your animal's health, especially if your pet has access to gardens, plays with other dogs or goes for daily walks outside. And although there are special products sold for these purposes, there are effective natural options so you don't have to give your animal products laden with chemicals. Like to opt for one of these alternatives? At OneHowTo.com we'll give you a list of some effective home remedies for deworming and defleaing dogs.

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Steps to follow:


Before beginning a natural deworming and defleaing treatment for your dog, it's important to understand the importance of this process and how often it should be done. Ideally, we should deworm our dog every three to four months since the dog gets to 6 months. In our article how often do I need to deworm my dog you'll find some extra information.


The best solution against parasites is prevention, so a great way to reduce the presence of insects (like fleas or ticks) in your dog's coat is to give it brewer's yeast as a food supplement. Just add a teaspoon to the dog's food. Due to its vitamin B1 content, it causes the dog to put off an odour that's very unpleasant for insects, effectively deterring them.

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If your pet has ticks, there are several home remedies for dogs that will help you eliminate this annoying parasite and we recommend doing the following:

  • Sprinkle the dog's bed and the area around where the dog lays with dry pennyroyal leaves. Prepare an infusion with this plant and use it to bathe the animal. You can also moisten the dog's coat with this liquid.
  • You can also mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water, and bathe your dog with this liquid. You can moisten its fur with this mixture, using a clean cloth.
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To keep ticks and fleas off your dog, you can put little bags of eucalyptus branches under its bed. The scent of this plant will keep the parasites away.

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If you want to get rid of stomach parasites without resorting to commercial products, you can opt for various home remedies for deworming your dog such as:

  • Freshly ground pumpkin seeds, which work as an excellent laxative. You just have to grind them up and add 15 g to the animal's food.
  • Fresh lemon seeds, which, like pumpkin, function as an effective laxative. Add them to the dog's food.
  • 15 ml of wheat germ oil, another very effective remedy to eliminate parasites.
  • 15 ml of cod liver oil, helps to eliminate stomach parasites thanks to its vitamin A content.
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If the goal is to eliminate your dog's fleas naturally, some homemade de-fleaing remedies can help. At OneHowTo.com we recommend the following:

  • Add 12 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle with water and spray the dog's coat with the mixture. You can also bathe the dog with it to prevent fleas.
  • The same process can be done with eucalyptus oil, another helpful oil to add to the bath water to prevent these parasites.
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You'll notice your dog has worms if it starts losing weight, diarrhea, vomiting and has bad breath. Take it to the vet if you're not sure if your dog has worms.

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Regina Richarda
How often do you add the brewers yeast to the dog food for flea and tick control?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Regina,

If your dog has been given Brewer's Yeast before and has suffered no negative reaction, then it is possible to give them a daily dosage. How much depends on the size of dog. 1/2 a teaspoon per 10 - 15 pounds of the dog's weight is recommended. However, you should always consult a vet if you are going to give your dog any supplements as some may suffer and allergic reaction.
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Home Remedies For Deworming And Defleaing Dogs