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What to Feed a dog After Being Neutered

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What to Feed a dog After Being Neutered

Sterilizing dogs is a good choice both for preventing illnesses and for preventing pregnancy in your dog or dogs, if you have more than one at home. On the other hand, there is a greater possibility that your dog may become overweight, as their metabolism rate drops and their appetite increases. As a result, you need to adapt their food to changes in their body following sterilization, so your dog follows a proper diet, as well as making regular exercise part of their routine. We explain what to feed a dog after being neutered in this OneHowTo.

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Steps to follow:


A neutered dog's diet should be based on low calorie meals which satisfy them so they don't feel anxious. There is currently no specific dog food for neutered dogs. The amount of food you should give your dog usually appears on the food packaging and relates to your dog's weight. For this reason, it is important to know your dog's weight, and also to check that they're not gaining weight.


It's highly recommended that you visit the vet to find out how to feed your dog once they've been neutered. Although the dog food packaging indicates the amount to give, your veterinarian can advise you on the best diet, taking into account your dog's age, weight and breed. They can also recommend how to divide meals into smaller quantities but more servings, so your dog eats more often throughout the day but always eats the same amount in total.

What to Feed a dog After Being Neutered - Step 2

If you're concerned about what to feed a dog after being neutered and how many servings to give them, you should not make the mistake of feeding them between meals. This can disrupt their balanced diet that enables them to stay in shape and contributes towards weight gain. You can give them specific dog treats but these must only be given occasionally without overindulging them. What's more, you must decrease their ration of food depending on how many dog treats you give them. The health of your dog is basic and largely depends on you.

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If you're feeding your neutered dog properly within appropriate limits, there is nothing better than complementing it with a little exercise. This also depends on the breed and age of each dog, but there is no doubt that every dog needs some exercise, both for their physical and psychological well-being. You can go for a stroll through the park or a site adapted for dogs and let them run around for a while and play with other dogs. On weekends or when you have more time, you can go out for an excursion and take your dog.

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There are several types of dog food that are adapted to the nutritional needs of each animal. As explained before, low calorie food enables your dog to eat without consuming too many calories. In order to help your dog feel satisfied, fibre is an essential element in their food as it achieves this effect. In the event that your dog may be suffering from an illness that impacts on their diet, you must consult your veterinarian to adapt your dog's diet to their needs.


It is highly recommended that you establish a routine with your dog's food, by adjusting it to a time that suits them and their appetite is more regular. If you change the hours that you feed them every day, they're likely to suffer from anxiety as they won't know when it is time for their meal. In addition, you must feed them in a suitable place where they can eat in peace and without distractions.

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What to Feed a dog After Being Neutered