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How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat

Dogs are one of the most popular pets because they are the perfect companion: loyal and loving. As a member of the family, they need proper care, but not all dogs are the same. There are many breeds of dogs and they all require different types of food and have different hygiene requirements, depending on their nature, size, coat, and so on. The cocker spaniel is a kind of breed native to Wales. It is a compact, balanced, strong and athletic dog. Read this OneHowTo article to find out how much a cocker spaniel should eat.

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  1. General feeding
  2. Cocker spaniel puppy up to 1 year old
  3. Adult cocker spaniel from one year old

General feeding

The coat and skin of a cocker spaniel are very unique and should be given special attention. The hair consists of 95% protein, so feeding is fundamental. Their diet should be rich in nutrients like proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, zinc, copper and fatty acids. It should also be noted that cocker spaniels have a stomach which is prone to digestive problems, so you must be careful right from the start with what they are given to eat.

How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat - General feeding

Cocker spaniel puppy up to 1 year old

After the puppies are weaned from the mother, which happens before they are six months old, cocker spaniels should eat very little. Between 150 and 200 grams of special food for medium breed puppies should be fed twice a day: morning and evening. With cocker spaniel puppies it's also a good idea to mix the food with a little warm water to soften it and make it easier to chew. You can also give them some warm milk.

From six months on the dog will be better at chewing up its food so you can stop mixing it with warm water and increase the amount to 300 grams twice a day. The dog's water bowl must be kept full at all times because cocker spaniels get dehydrated easily and should drink water constantly.

How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat - Cocker spaniel puppy up to 1 year old

Adult cocker spaniel from one year old

An adult cocker spaniel aged one or older should be switched to another type of food, taking into account its coat and skin. These dogs have a tendency to gain weight, so it is very important not to overfeed them. There are special feeds for this kind of dog that usually come in cans because they are more moist and contain the nutrients necessary for them to develop properly. If you choose this kind of food, you must feed the dog 180 grams in the morning and 180g at night.

If you prefer, you can also prepare normal food for your cocker spaniel, but you must never give it the same meals you eat - it should be cooked separately and without any seasoning. In this case an adult cocker spaniel should eat around 200 grams of tender chicken or beef and 80 grams of rice. This should also be fed in two portions both morning and night. So in the morning give 100 grams of meat and 40 grams of rice, and then give the same amounts for dinner. Make sure fresh water is always available.

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How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat - Adult cocker spaniel from one year old

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How Much Should My Cocker Spaniel Eat