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How to Breed a Dog for the First Time

How to Breed a Dog for the First Time

If you have a pet dog, at some point you may want them to breed and have puppies. If you've decided it's time to breed your dog or bitch, we will give you some guidelines for a successful pairing and make sure everything goes well.

You probably have many questions about this important time in the life of your dog, so in this oneHOWTO article we'll explain how to breed a dog for the first time so that everything goes according to plan.

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Steps to follow:


First and foremost is finding the ideal mate for your dog. While you can cross dogs of different breeds in theory, they should be of similar sizes. To ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery, the male should be smaller than the female. Here you can find a step by step guide to finding your dog a partner for more details.

Before having the dogs mate, it's important that they get to know each other. You must make sure they have seen each other a few times to ensure they get along. Remember that if there is no rapport, mating will be impossible.


If your dog is female, you should know whether or not she is in heat; here you can find the symptoms of a female dog in heat.

Dogs go into heat about every six months, although this varies among different breeds. For example, female German Shepherds go into heat twice a year, while Poodles only go into heat every year and a month. Monitor the frequency of your dog's heat cycle and ask your vet about it. The heat period lasts an average of 9 days with intervals of 3 to 21 days; this is the time when your dog will be receptive to mating and breeding.

Do not confuse periods with heat because from a hormonal point of view, they are totally different.


If you want to cross your female dog for the first time, make sure she is in heat. It is best that you introduce her to the male 8 days before she begins to menstruate and again a few days after. Although the male dog may try to mount her, she will not yet be ready for mating; still, it will be a first major contact between them.


To breed your dog successfully, it is best that the female is taken to where the male is. It should be a quiet environment, as the male will sense the female's pheromones and try to mate with her. It is best that it is spontaneous and natural, but it's not unusual that due to the inexperience or size of one that the mating is not possible. Be patient; it may take more than one try, especially among inexperienced dogs.


If the dog starts to mate the female, it is best to leave them alone, do not get involved or intervene if the dogs cry. At that time, you must not separate them or throw water at them, because this could cause internal injuries. The process will take as much time as it should, do not interrupt. It typically lasts about 20 minutes.

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Does the number of times dogs mate determine the size of the litter (number of pups)?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Pat,

No, it won't. It is only when the fertilization occurs which will happen once when they are pregnant.
leslie hercus
bicth is reluctant to let dog mount keeps fighting him away this is the third time I have tried to join her she just refuses to join
For the love of God do not allow these dogs to mate! Why are you doing it you have no clue what you're doing!
Butcher Paper
She's not quite ready to accept. Wait another day or two and retry. When she's able to settle then it's time to breed. Not rocket science animals breed in the wild every year.
How to Breed a Dog for the First Time