What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits

Pet rabbits with a good training can be excellent companions, but they are also very delicate animals. You can have a robust rabbit that doesn't get sick and another that gets sick all the time. Therefore it is very important to maximize the hygiene and care of your rabbit. So on we will tell you what the most common diseases in pet rabbits are. If you see any symptoms in your rabbit, you should go to the vet immediately so he can assess the situation.

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Diarrhoea is dangerous for rabbits because they can dehydrate very quickly. Diarrhoea can occur for various reasons such as spoiled, dirty or fermented food. It may also be due to some intestinal parasites, bacteria or viruses.

Diarrhoea sometimes goes hand in hand with swelling in the belly, loss of appetite, loss of alertness, increased thirst. The severity depends on the cause of the diarrhoea. If your rabbit suffers from diarrhoea, give it plenty of fresh water so it does not become dehydrated, keep it somewhere that does not get cold and immediately see the vet.


A rabbit catching a cold is rare, but they often catch the strain called distemper. This can happen at any time of year. You will notice it right away because you will see nasal and ocular secretions as well as lots of sneezing.

They can catch a cold because of poor hygiene or, as it happens with people, sudden changes in temperature, drafts... etc. You should prevent your rabbit from catching a cold because it can lead to something more serious, such as pneumonia. If you see that in two or three days your rabbit has not improved, see your vet as accumulated mucous in the nose can cause suffocation. To prevent that from happening, be very careful about hygiene and do not expose your rabbit to sudden temperature changes or drafts. Ensure their cage is in a dry, warm place.

What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits - Cold

Atrial Scabies

This disease is caused by a mite in the rabbit's ear canal. It is a very contagious disease among rabbits and if you have more than one you should separate them. You'll notice right away because their ears will be irritated and inflamed, they may also present discharge with yellow crusts. If you notice the first symptoms you should immediately go to the vet because if you do not act fast your rabbit could die.

Scabies in the body

As with atrial scabies, this disease is also very contagious and the rabbit must be separated immediately. The difference with atrial scabies, is that scabies in the body can spread throughout the body of the animal, whereas the first, is only located in the ear. The parasite that causes this disease has nested under rabbit fur and feeds on its blood. The bite of this parasite causes strong irritations, secretions will appear that dry and provoke hard crusts, making the rough skin and swollen, and even causing significant hair loss. If this happens to your rabbit, immediately go to the vet at the first signs.

What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits - Scabies in the body

Conjunctivitis and eye infections

Conjunctivitis is an infection of the eyelids. Your rabbit will have watery eyes and runny nose. It can even sprout pus. If you notice that your rabbit may have conjunctivitis take him to the vet to prescribe eye drops you and guide you in the process of improving your rabbit's health.

What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits - Conjunctivitis and eye infections

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What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits
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What are the most common diseases in pet rabbits

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