How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Cold

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Cold

Do you know how to care for your hamster in the colder times of the year? Just as humans do, your pet also feels the ravages of low temperatures. There is a common misconception that animals tolerate the cold much better than we do, as a result of their coats. To the contrary, hamsters feel the cold despite their fur and, in severe cases, might make them very unwell. In this OneHowTo.com article, we'll explain how to tell if your hamster is cold.

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Steps to follow:


To begin with, it is very important to know that most hamsters usually hibernate to tolerate the winter months better. Hibernation is a state characterized by drowsiness, a steep drop in body temperature, metabolic rate and, in addition, the intensity of vital signs decreases. It is quite possible you've never seen your hamster get cold because many small rodents hibernate. Despite this, not all living rodents in cages develop the ability to hibernate, it is an inherited trait and not all of them know how to do this. It is important that you know this because, if the temperature drops and your pet does not manage to hibernate, it could die of hypothermia.

How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Cold - Step 1

If you do not want to take any chances when the cold weather arrives and your hamster didn't hibernate, we recommend you follow these tips. If you keep it awake through the cold, you'll always know how it is are and, after all, your goal is to ensure their welfare. You must ensure that the environmental temperature of your house is above 15 degrees (Celsius) during times of sunlight. In addition, you must feed your hamster with appropriate doses daily so that it stays strong and healthy. However, at times when it is very cold, this will not be enough for it to withstand low temperatures without risk.

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You'll have to keep its cage and its nest fairly close to a source of artificial heat inside your house during the day. In addition, during the day try to make sure it's close to the sun that comes in through the windows. In times of colder weather, you should try to touch it often to make sure it has not entered a period of hibernation. If you notice that it is cold and breathing slowly, it may be preparing to hibernate. Your hamster may even appear to be dead as its body will stiffen when it hibernates.


If you notice that its body starts to get stiff from the cold and even starts shivering, gently caress it to war it up and awaken it from that state of drowsiness.

Make sure you provide very appetizing food that is high in fat and protein. This is because your hamster will need to warm up gradually. You should also make it drink. To make sure it is well hydrated, mix with a little sugar and use a feeding syringe to make it drink. This whole process may take more than one hour and if you do not to it well, it might prefer to be hibernating. If you keep it in an environment that is warm and protected, your hamster will better withstand the cold.

How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Cold - Step 4

In addition to knowing if your hamster is cold, in OneHowTo you can also learn how to tell if it has mites. This will keep your pet free from parasites which, when left unchecked, can compromise your pet's health.

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How to Tell if Your Hamster Is Cold