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How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping

Especially at night, cats like excursions away from home for various reasons, such as their hunting instinct or searching for felines of the other sex. These escapades can become dangerous for our animal, so at we answer the question how to stop an indoor cat from escaping.

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  1. Castration
  2. Toys
  3. A companion
  4. Close possible exits
  5. Cat walks
  6. Door darting


Many cats that escape from their home do so to have sexual encounters with other cats, so castration may help us make our pet quieter and not feel the urge to go in search of other felines. In addition, with castration the general behavior of the animal is stabilized.

Make sure you know at what age to sterilise your cat and know how to look after it after the operation.


The very strong hunting instinct in felines is another of the causes why cats escape their homes. A good way to try to neutralize this need is to buy our pet toys that represent mice or other animals. In pet shops you can find very real representations that can help our feline devise hunting scenes.

How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping - Toys

A companion

If we can, having another cat at home so our pet feels accompanied can come in handy to prevent it fleeing from home. Although you need a process for it to adapt to the new tenant, the quality of life of our pet will improve with a partner and their desire to go in search of company will be reduced.

How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping - A companion

Close possible exits

Although this may not be the best since it does not reduce the need for our cat to flee but simply prevents it, you can try to plug all the holes through which it can escape considering the agility felines naturally have.

Keeping your cat entertained is key, so make sure your cat has a view to the outside so he can see the world pass by. You can even place a bird feeder near the window so your cat can see them during the day.

Cat walks

If you feel up to it, you can try taking your cat for walks. You'll just need a suitable harness and lead. Make sure you take him out in a safe place that it already knows and away from cars.

How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping - Cat walks

Door darting

If your cat always tries to escape when you open the door to leave home, make sure you greet the cat and say your goodbyes in an area that is well away from the door, as the cat associates your appearance to the outside world. Make sure you ignore your cat when near the entrance door and, as a last resort, use a squirt bottle to stop him doing so.

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How To Stop An Indoor Cat From Escaping