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How To Clean Your Cat's Eye Discharge

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Clean Your Cat's Eye Discharge

Our cats can easily become our best friends, being playful and always ready to receive some pampering and affection. But to keep them healthy, it is very important to look after their health and keep important areas such as their eyes or ears clean in order to prevent infections. And because we understand the nature of cats we know this is not easy, so at OneHowTo we show you how to clean your cat's eye discharge easily.

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Steps to follow:


Like any other hygienic measure, it is important to get our cat used to it from when they are young so that they let us touch and clean them, in this way you can ensure that your pet doesn't get nervous or uneasy when you clean their eyes.


Your cat's eyes are a very sensitive area, so it's important to clean them frequently to prevent crust and dirt from discharge building up that can make the animal ill. Generally you should hold your cat in a gentle but firm way and this way it will stop them from getting nervous and escaping. If they get really nervous, wrap them in a towel to stop them from scratching you.


Clean your cat's eye discharge using a new gauze moistened with distilled water and in smooth movements remove the crust and built-up dirt in the area. Get another gauze and repeat the procedure with the other eye. It is not good to use the same gauze in order to prevent any infection from spreading.

How To Clean Your Cat's Eye Discharge - Step 3

You should clean your cat's eyes at least twice a week, but if for some reason your pet often gets a lot of discharge in this area, it is good to do it every day. Always remember when you are finished grooming your cat, you should give them a reward for their good behavior. A delicious cat treat will finally make them think that the sacrifice has been worth it, and in the future they will let you clean them more easily.


If you notice your cat has more discharge than usual make sure you take it to a vet as it could have an illness such as conjunctivitis, corneal disorder or upper respiratory infection.

Make sure that the discharge is not yellowish and your cat has clear eyes and not watery or red, as these could be signs of illness.

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  • Always seek help from a vet if you are unsure about your cat's well being.
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How To Clean Your Cat's Eye Discharge