How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items

Dogs obviously need to play. They are active and energetic animals, at least for a little while each day. They need to get rid of some of their adrenaline by running about, playing and interacting with other dogs. But if they are also too active at home, you can entertain them by playing with them or by making some toys that are entertaining so they can play alone. There are different types of dog toys available on the market which they can chew, run with or focus on a sound. However, if you don't want to spend money on them, you can follow some OneHowTo advice below on how to make dog toys out of household items.

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Steps to follow:

The first homemade dog toy is very simple to make because you only need a rope and an old tennis ball that you can make holes in. First, make two small holes in the ball with the help of scissors or a utility knife. Make one at each end to pass the rope through the middle.

Once done, bend the rope and pass it through both holes from one side to the other. Once ready, make two knots at each end of the rope so that the toy is fixed. That way, you can throw the ball by gripping the handle without the ball escaping every time your dog plays with it. They'll have a great time, you'll see!

How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items - Step 1

Another way of surprising your dog with a homemade toy is by making a sock puppet. This is a game that they'll love to play with, involving a fun game of tug of war. To make this sock puppet, it's really simple because you just need:

  • 1 old sock
  • Fabric paint (optional)
  • Tennis ball or more socks
  • Wool

The first step to make this dog toy is to take the sock and place it in your hand so that the heel is on the wrist facing upwards. Introduce an old tennis ball which can be bitten by your pet into the sock or, failing that, old socks that will be easy for your dog to bite.

To make the toy look more amusing, you can paint something onto it such as a face or paint colorful details that attract your animal's attention. Then you can add some wool to the end so your dog is more attracted to the toy and sew it onto the puppet's head.

Finally, sew the end of the sock so that the filling doesn't come out and then it's ready! A dog toy that's perfect for them to have a great time.

How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items - Step 2

Another homemade dog toy that you can easily make involves using the normal rope you use to play with your dog or that they play with by themselves. It's an easy craft for you to make as you only need two fabrics, one of each color and scissors.

The first step in creating this game involves cutting your two chosen fabrics into strips of the same size. Bear in mind that the more strips you cut, the larger the toy so it will be better for your animal. Above all, remember if your dog is large, they'll need a chunky toy to bite, so get at least 10 strips of each color.

Once you've cut them, you need to join them together by plaiting them like you do with hair. To securely fasten them, you have to tie one end to the rope, so it's fixed onto the toy. When you finish plaiting the strips, you also have to attach the end to a piece of string so that your animal can play without breaking it at the first opportunity. They'll love it!

How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items - Step 3

Dogs love sounds so there is nothing better than creating a toy that makes a sound when you play with them. What's more, you've no doubt seen your dog play with a plastic bottle more than once, trying to chew it, so you've just left them playing with it for a while.

This is because of the noise the plastic makes, as well as it being difficult to bite, so it entertains them and they have a great time in the process. For this reason, you can build a toy with a plastic bottle and it's a great option for your animal to enjoy.

You just need a rope and an empty bottle. First, make a hole in the bottom of the bottle so you can thread the rope through. Insert the rope, and when it has come through the other side, tie the two ends to make a knot. Hey presto! You'll have a bottle with a handle that will be perfect to throw to your dog and they'll have a great time playing with it.

How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items - Step 4

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How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items
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How to Make Dog Toys out of Household Items

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