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10 Funniest Dog Names

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: October 16, 2020
10 Funniest Dog Names

Are you thinking of adopting a dog? You must be planning your new life together: where your dog will sleep, what toys it will play with, and, of course, its name. There are a lot of different names to call your dog.

You could opt for classic names such as Lassie, Patch or Spot; but, if you're after a unique name, OneHowTo is here to help! Discover the 10 funniest dog names for inspiration on naming your new furry friend.

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We begin our list with 5 hilariously funny names for male dogs. Once you have chosen the name, it is important to repeat it to your dog so that it starts to pick up his name and respond to it when called. See the following article from OneHowTo on how to make a dog learn his name for some tips that will undoubtedly be of great help.

If you're looking for cool rather than funny names, check out this list!


So, let's start with the first funny dog name: Pistachio. It is a very funny word by itself and somehow it also suits our best friend perfectly. It is a very original name that hardly anyone uses. So, if you like nuts and think this name is funny, Pistachio is the choice for you!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 2

If you want to give your pet a comic touch, why not honor him with the name of a comedian? You could call your pet Groucho after Groucho Marx - It is an original and fun option that your dog is sure to love, and it will also fit if he's a grouchy one.

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 3

If your dog is small, there is nothing funnier than christening it with a name that reflects his size, like Pea. This name is fun and perfect for smaller dogs, although it is especially good when used ironically for larger dog breeds. Hilarious!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 4

As Lorelai Gilmore found out with "oy with the poodles already", some words are simply hilarious all by themselves. What about a word that makes you smile? Lollipop. Did that work? It is a very funny word and it could be the perfect option for your new friend. It is also very easy to recognize phonetically, so he will learn it fast!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 5

Another pretty and original name for a dog is Jupiter. The name of this planet is beautiful by itself and also recalls the vastness of space - a very good choice indeed. But if you prefer another planet, you can choose any other name, for example, Saturn (which also has a very nice sound) or Mars.

Don't worry about sounding too pompous - your dog will not mind at all.

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 6

What about some sort of sweet? Biscuit is a cute name, very fitting if your dog's coat has honey and brown tones or if it is small.

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 7

Another very funny name to call your dog is simply Fluff. It is a very loving way to refer to your best friend and, above all, fits perfectly if she is tiny and has long fur. Everybody will know what she's named after!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 8

If you want to be completely original when choosing a name for your dog, a very funny idea is to give it a woman's first name. But not just any name! Laura, for example, would not be fun. Go for prim and proper or daft ones like Margaret, Penelope, or Phyllis.

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 9

Insects or other animals make a great name for dogs. How about calling your pooch Ant? This name is perfect for both small and large dogs, particularly the latter, given that the irony makes it even funnier. People will expect a dog called Ant to be tiny. What a shock they'll get when your large dog comes bounding on out!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 10

And finally, the tenth funniest dog name is Cauliflower. It's a funny name for your new friend your dog is bound to love it just as much as you! You can also try other fun vegetables like Spinach, Carrot or Turnip, but nothing beats Cauliflower!

10 Funniest Dog Names - Step 11

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10 Funniest Dog Names