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How to bathe a dog without water

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to bathe a dog without water

Advances in the sector of pet care have been vast: from innovative toys to hygiene products created to make the life of owners and dogs much easier, such as the dry shampoo. Despite these products many people still do not know how to bathe their dog without water. If you also do not know how to go about this in we give you instructions so you can do so successfully.

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Steps to follow:


The dry bath is a great option if your pet is poorly, has a healing wound or scar, is overly distressed by water or during periods where it is too cold to be soaked. The only thing you need to do is to buy dry shampoo at your vet's or specialized store.

How to bathe a dog without water - Step 1

Washing your dog without water, though being a much faster and more convenient alternative to the bathtub, does not offer the same results and so when the hair on your animal is too dirty it is best to use the classic method.


Start with brushing your pet's hair before the bath, this will help to reduce knots, get rid of the accumulated hair and make the cleaning much easier. It is best to carry out this process at least a few times a week, so your pet will stay clean for much longer.

How to bathe a dog without water - Step 3

After combing take a soft cotton cloth and moisten with preferably warm water, so that your pet feels more comfortable.


Apply the dry shampoo to the cloth and begin to pass it through the body of your pet, starting from the back and continuing with the feet and ending with the face. Dampen the cloth and apply shampoo as often as necessary.


Once the cleaning is finished you should brush your pet's hair again until dry and free of knots.

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How to bathe a dog without water