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How to Choose a Rabbit Cage - How to Set Up a Rabbit Cage

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Choose a Rabbit Cage - How to Set Up a Rabbit Cage
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If you are planning on having rabbits, it is important to choose the right cage and know how to set it up. A domestic rabbit is an adorable and fun pet, a perfect companion for young and old. However, like any other animal, it requires care and attention to grow healthy. One of the most important aspects is to choose an adequate space for the animal to feed itself and stay overnight, and possibly even during the day. At OneHowTo.com we explain how to choose a rabbit cage and how to set up a rabbit cage to always keep the rabbit entertained and healthy.

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Steps to follow:


Ideally our rabbit should have the opportunity to spend some hours outdoor everyday, running and exploring open spaces and gardens for exercise, but then we will have to put it in its cage again.

If you live in an apartment it is not recommended that the rabbit run about loose at home while no one supervises it as it has a tendency to chew furniture and cables, causing havoc. So choosing a rabbit cage is important.

In terms of how to set up a rabbit cage, if you live in an apartment you can set up an unfurnished space, for example in a well enclosed balcony that is safe for the animal, with a wheel and some toys to be entertained with in its time outside of the cage.


Before choosing a rabbit cage it is essential to have an idea of its ultimate size once it reaches adulthood, this way you can choose the ideal space without fear that it will outgrow the cage in the future. Remember that your rabbit needs to have enough space to move comfortably in its cage, so if at first it seems too big do not worry, your pet will soon grow.


The most suitable material for the rabbit cage is plastic because it is very easy to clean, a task that should be performed daily to remove pet waste.

When choosing the rabbit cage, check to see if it can be pulled apart quickly and easily as you will need to do this once a week to give the cage a thorough cleaning.

It is important to give some privacy to your rabbit, so you should set up a hiding space instead the cage, a cardboard box will be fine. Rabbits love privacy and they will feel nervous if they are constantly exposed.


For the convenience of the animal, and also to facilitate cleaning the cage, when setting up the rabbit cage you must place at the bottom of it something for the animal to relieve itself onto, so that you can avoid constantly cleaning the cage.

Many people opt for newspaper, but this is not a correct material as the rabbit will have a tendency to nibble it. Prefer wood chips or sawdust pressing to set up the rabbit cage instead. Both materials help absorb urine and will keep the cage in a better state for more days.

For the rabbit's bedding, a layer of straw is a good idea as it is soft and retains the heat.


The location of the cage is also important. Whether you decide to leave it indoors or in an open space, it is important that it is in a cool place that is ventilated and not too hot. You should always make sure that there are no drafts in that space, as they will not suit the rabbit.

In addition, for the animal's safety, it is best to always keep the cage on the floor and never on high furniture as a sudden movement of the rabbit could make the cage fall, causing great damage.


The last step to set up the rabbit cage is not to forget to put food and water dispensers in the cage to feed the animal, preferably those should be made of plastic too.

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Alfred Njumwa
Am intrested in Rabbit raring please advice in ways on which I should be able to make perfect rabbit cages and how long it will take me to separate the young rabbits from their doe.

OneHowTo Editor
Hi Alfred,

Young rabbits shouldn't be separated from their mother before 8 weeks of age so that they can get the nutrients they need. After this time, you can separate them.

You should also separate male and female rabbits from the litter otherwise they will likely breed with each other.

If you have any other questions, let us know!
Image: peludinesweb.blogspot.com.es
How to Choose a Rabbit Cage - How to Set Up a Rabbit Cage