Caring for Newborn Kittens

How To Care For A Newborn Kitten

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Care For A Newborn Kitten

If for some reason, a newborn kitten has come to your home and if the mother is not around, this little defenseless animal will need all your care and attention to grow up strong and healthy. For you to be able to respond to the needs of a darling pussycat, goes over how to care for a newborn kitten.

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Steps to follow:


During the first four weeks of life, kittens only consume liquids. This is very important. You have to give the little kitty cat the right type of milk to suitable their age and development. This special milk can be found in any veterinary office.

How To Care For A Newborn Kitten - Step 1

As for the frequency of feedings of milk, if the cat is in good condition, simply feed it four times a day. If the pussy is poorly, give it a ration of milk every two hours.


As a general rule, you should give a newborn kitten thirteen milliliters of milk per hundred grams body weight. However, the kitten will stop drinking milk when it is full.


To give the baby cat milk, you can use a baby bottle, a syringe or a dropper. It is very important that, whichever instrument you use, take proper hygiene measures and clean up thoroughly after each feeding. That way you feed the newborn cat whilst taking care of both your health and the kitten's health.

How To Care For A Newborn Kitten - Step 4

At birth, a cat cannot regulate its own body temperature, hence little kittens pile up with their mother and the rest of the litter. In the absence of this feline family, you have to use warm blankets to keep the little kitten at a nice temperature. However, the blankets should not be too heavy.

How To Care For A Newborn Kitten - Step 5

When a kitten is born, find a soft toy or teddy bear to comfort the newborn cat as a surrogate mother and to share warmth.


To make sure the kitten defecates and urinates, you need to take on the role of mother. You must accomplish this task. To do this, use a piece of cotton and gently pass it over the genitals and the anal area of the kitten so it can do its business.


If the kitten has its mom close, you should know that you should not hold it excessively, as the mother may take offense and reject the kitten, especially during the first week of life.

How To Care For A Newborn Kitten - Step 8

Also, if you want to know the sex of your kitten, you can easily find out by consulting our article on how to tell if a cat is male or female.

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How To Care For A Newborn Kitten