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How to Keep a Kitten Warm

By Sara . Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Keep a Kitten Warm

During the breeding season of cats it is not an uncommon sight to find a litter of kittens huddled in some secluded corner with their mother. But sometimes one or more kittens can be found unattended as some circumstance may have lead their mother to leave them. Such orphaned kittens are quite vulnerable to outside dangers especially during winter season. To keep these kittens safe, the most important thing is to keep them out of danger and to keep them warm. If you are worried about keeping the tiny kittens at the right temperature then keep reading this OneHowTo article to find out how to keep a kitten warm.

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  1. Drying off wet kittens
  2. Hot water bottle
  3. Heating pad
  4. Warm towels

Drying off wet kittens

If you have found orphaned kittens then chances are they are wet and cold due to the chilly night and snow. So, the first thing is to dry them gently with a towel. You can also blow dry the kittens with the hair dryer but remember to set the heat on low. Also, do not blow dry the kitten’s face as it may become restless.

How to Keep a Kitten Warm - Drying off wet kittens

Hot water bottle

Newborn kittens spend most of their time cuddling beside their mothers. The heat from their mother’s body helps to keep a kitten warm. An orphaned kitten will have a hard time in keeping the right body temperature. You can help them by placing a warm hot water bottle right next to the little one. Take care that the hot water bottle is warm enough but not scalding hot. Also, you can wrap the hot water bottle in a warm soft towel so that the kitten can feel the warmth and also the softness they enjoy from their mother’s body.

Heating pad

If you have a heating pad then set it on low. Then wrap it up in a towel and place it below the kitten’s nesting box. This will warm the little one up.

Warm towels

Kittens cannot generate their own body heat and hence it is very important that they should be provided with adequate warmth. Since they can’t generate their own heat there is no point in just wrapping them in a towel. But a warm towel might do the trick. Place a towel in the dryer. Take it out after a couple of minutes and check if it is the right temperature. Then wrap the kitten in this towel.

When the temperature of the towel drops back to normal then unwrap the kitten from it and again place it in a warm towel. In the towel method you have to change the towel after every couple of hours.

How to Keep a Kitten Warm - Warm towels

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How to Keep a Kitten Warm