How to Care for a Basenji Dog

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Care for a Basenji Dog

A basenji is a dog breed from central Africa, from the lands of the Congo. Apparently it was the hunting companion of African pygmies. Africans believed that this dog could chase away evil spirits and so it became a sacred dog to the Egyptians. The story of the basenji is full of puzzles and mysteries. It is very important to know what specific care you should provide your basenji with so that the animal is always healthy and in perfect condition. Keep reading this article oneHowTo where we explain how to care for a basenji dog.

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Let us tell you a little about the basenji personality so that you understand their needs. It is a guardian, willful, watchful, curious, stubborn and always alert dog. It is a very intelligent pet that is, however, quite dependent on its master. It is a trait that defines the basenji in a somewhat exaggerated manner, as it feels great affection for its family and this can sometimes cause certain inconveniences at home, especially if you have new visitors at home. It has a unique personality. It is nervous, playful and sometimes somewhat independent like a cat. From time to time, this breed simply will not obey. Even if so, it denotes serenity. It is a breed that never barks, this is why it cones number one in the top 10 dog breeds that bark the least. Instead, it emits a special sound between a howl and a muffled yodeling song.


Something that is fundamental if you want to know how to care for a basenji dog is that it needs plenty of walks. Although it is a dog that is perfectly suited to life in the city and small spaces, you need to take this breed for long and brisk walks. This canine dearly loves the freedom of open and quiet spaces. You'll have to take your dog out often and always choose easy hours, because they do not like hustle and bustle. To make it a pleasant and relaxing routine, avoid areas with a lot of people around.

It's a dog that really likes the heat and despises the cold. And as they love outdoor spaces, be very careful with barriers around home, because if you forget to close a door, your dog will walk off. It's a risk to let your dog run free, especially if it's just down the street.

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It's fundamental: training. When they are small, they are very naughty and love to bite absolutely everything they can. Spend time for early education so you can learn to control that character and make your dog more compliant. A basenji will always be a passionate playful pup, but it can receive orders and fulfill them. Start with simple commands such as sit, give paw, lie down... you will see how the force of repetition and rewards means you'll get your basenji to become a very polite fluff ball.


For food, the basenji is not a very demanding and complex pet with its tastes. You'll have to give it between 250 and 300 grams (8.8 and 10.5 oz) of dry feed. It should be well balanced to keep them strong, vital and full of energy. You can also give treats every day, although with a low percentage of fat and empty calories. To complete its food support, you can give it , along , about 50-100 grams (1.7- 3.5 oz) of wet food of good quality once a day, with dry feed.

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The basenji is a very healthy dog by nature, it is not known for its weaknesses. One of the best known is that it does not tolerate the cold well. But in that case, you can cover the dog with any special garment or get a walk in the sunshine.

At home, especially in cold weather,make sure its little bed is near the heating and always raised off the ground. Retinal atrophy has frequently been detected in this breed, which usually ends in blindness, and Fanconi syndrome that can cause kidney failure, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and hemolytic anemia. Otherwise, it is a race of great strength, you will simply have to take it for specific medical checkups, and you must never forget vaccinations and deworming.

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And finally, regarding basic hygiene, the special requirements the basenji needs are very few. The frequency of washing should be like a cat, it is a race that shows no hair or odors. You can brush the dog's hair daily with a glove bristle and have a pristine mantle. Try also keep their eyes clean, for it you can use wipes with saline. And not forgetting, oral care, since it is a puppy you should accustom to regular brushing to prevent any debris or residue on your teeth.

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How to Care for a Basenji Dog
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How to Care for a Basenji Dog

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