French Poodle Haircut Styles

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
French Poodle Haircut Styles

Are you the proud owner of a beautiful French poodle? Well you're in luck, it's a great dog breed, but its coat requires a lot of care to keep it in perfect condition and, incidentally, it is gorgeous. These dogs require haircuts frequently - whatever hair style they may have - because their hairs tangle easily. is here to show you the most common French Poodle Haircut styles.

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Steps to follow:

French poodles, as mentioned, frequently require haircuts. It is recommended that it is groomed every 6 weeks or a maximum of 8 weeks. The simplest style for your dog's hair is the poppy style haircut. Especially if your intention is to cut the coat at home.

In this type of hairstyle, the hair is cut evenly throughout the body except for the head, which leaves behind some longer tassels. There are two very popular styles in canine beauty contests: the English court and the mainland styles. Both quite complex choices to do at home, but with good guidelines and care you can re-create this style.


Poodles have a lush and fluffy coat - a far cry from the fancy hairstyles you see at dog contests. The coat goes well with a nice and flattering haircut that will enhance the dog's features and it's also quite even throughout the body. Poodles are like precious woolly sheep and to make it look like a healthy coat, the silky hair must be cut often - as much every two months.

French Poodle Haircut Styles - Step 2

One of the best French Poodle haircut styles is the one that is known as the saddle. It's a razor shave focusing more on the spine area, leaving more hair around the legs. Also you leave behind the hair of the head, but shave the face, leaving the sharp nose, highlighting its fine and stylized features.

French Poodle Haircut Styles - Step 3

The French poodle, due to its peculiar coat, lends itself to many cutting options. Another way is to cut the hair with clippers or scissors covering its entire body, including the head. It's the haircut called "puppy style" - that means it's given rather short hair length, but without the density. Do not touch the hair on the dog's face, as you can bother the dog's eyes. The result is an equal coat from head to toe.

French Poodle Haircut Styles - Step 4

A final option we offer you for French poodle haircut styles is more striking and is known as cutting pants. With this style, you leave all the fur on the legs, head, and with razor shave the whole area of the back. The head is not usually cut back much, and often its short tail is untouched as if it were a hairball. Once completed, it will seem like your dog is wearing trousers.

French Poodle Haircut Styles - Step 5

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French Poodle Haircut Styles
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French Poodle Haircut Styles

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